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15 Content Marketing Tips You Need To Know In 2022

From year to year, content marketing has always been a popular strategy. Therefore, of course, the latest content marketing trends will emerge in 2022. This trend prediction must be known by marketers. Because they can be the most effective way to attract audiences in the coming year. Not only that, the famous fashions that will be present are also guaranteed to increase the success of the company’s marketing efforts.

In this article, you will be going to know all about the need, scope, and future trends of content marketing. Besides, it will also include the top 15 content marketing tips that every business should know. Before jumping on these points, let’s understand what content marketing is?

As the name implies, content marketing is the process of promoting or advertising a product or service through content. The content can be in any format, including text, videos, animation, and so on. On social media networks like Instagram, one excellent example of content marketing can be seen. Many influencers receive compensation from marketers for promoting their items in their posts using proper hashtags. Everything, from clothing to cosmetics, may be promoted through compelling content.

What exactly is the purpose of content marketing?

tips for content marketing

One obvious motivation to use content marketing is to boost a company’s traffic while also promoting its services to its potential readers. You might be thinking that, in today’s marketing landscape, there are numerous ways to sell a product, so why do we need it?

Some amazing benefits of content marketing are:

More visitor engagement
Higher visibility on SERPs
Enhanced DA or domain authority
Referral Traffic for your brand
More conversion potential
A strong relationship with readers
Lesser marketing costs

Note: If you already have a website, you can simply add a blog section and start producing content that can be of audience interest. This way, you’re not spending too much and increasing your traffic.

Isn’t it tempting? Of course, yes.

But, what should you do to get the best of ‘content marketing.?

Let’s read ahead!

Different content marketing techniques to adhere to in 2022

content marketing techniques

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 15 trending content marketing tips that can help you create valuable content both on-page and off-page digital portals. Let’s have a look!

Analyze your goals 

Before you step into the race of content marketing, you need to think about your goals. This is important because when you’re doing something you need to have an output goal to pave the way for success.

Many marketers simply follow different marketing trends without having goals. As depicted in the graph, only 74% of marketers set marketing goals, and 26% don’t have any pre-determined marketing goals.

Content marketing is a vast term that has multiple motives. So, you need to realize the motive behind it first. Are you looking for sales enhancements? Is it for brand awareness? Or, is it simply that you need to get famous, for instance, bloggers (they become influencers for brands because of their followers)? 

Depending on the nature of your business, pick a goal and start working on it.

Audience Segmentation

Before starting any content marketing strategy, it is important to divide your audience into different interests. Not every reader comes with the same mindset. When some come to gain knowledge regarding a specific topic, the others just land randomly. So, you need to focus on both kinds of readers.

For audience segmentation, you need to be more careful if you’re dealing with products such as cosmetics, apparel, etc. Because your products might not suit everyone. You need to prioritize the customers as per their personal, geographical, or behavioral factors. Doing so will allow you to create content to tempt that specific audience who is looking for you over the internet.

Although creating content tailored to a certain audience segment is difficult and time-consuming, it is not impossible. There are experienced content strategists who can assist you with obliging approaches if you are stuck at any moment.

Choose from a variety of portals for publishing content.

Once you’ve segmented your readers, it comes to choosing the best online portals to create and promote your content. The best portal choice is your website if you have any. Choosing your website for content curation is the cheapest and most effective content marketing strategy.

In addition, PPC ad copy, social media content posting, youtube, social media ads, and more. According to your budget and purpose of content marketing, you can choose the portal.

Write informative and problem-solving content.

The biggest mistake that you can do with your content marketing is to focus on your brand and products. Boasting about yourself will never help you win over the readers.

Try to become a problem-solver for your reader. Or, you can simply provide helpful information to them. Choose a topic, research it thoroughly, and collect the facts and any information related to it. Whenever you are trying to sell your product via content don’t forget to describe the need for the same for your readers. Elaborating on a hypothetical situation and giving the solution to come out of that is the best way to indulge your audience. It will help you sound relatable to them.

If you succeed in creating the need and describing how your services or products can serve them, there is no failure for your content marketing approach. Rest, the competition is always there, and you can never convince them via vague content boasting about your brand. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and then try to convince them. It is a sure-shot content marketing tip ever.

Write longer content

While creating a piece of content you need to consider longer content. Undoubtedly, tag lines are effective in different criteria. But when we talk about content marketing, it should involve longer content.

According to Hubspot, many search engines such as Google prefer longer content, even people do like it. A piece of content containing words between 2250 to 2500 is highly preferable by Google and other search engines. Not only longer content enhances the SERP’s positions but they also generate more leads.

Some major reasons behind longer content preference include more relevant information, more keywords for SEO optimization, and enhanced domain authority. Therefore, keep in mind that your content should be longer in length. Perform thorough research on the topic and try to include every possible information relevant to your blog or article.

Write organic and error-free content

Write organic free content

Many popular search engines like Google don’t appreciate plagiarised content. They generally erase copied or bad information from their top results. If you practice plagiarism in your content marketing strategy, you may lose your search engine rankings, followed by lesser readers.

Never copy-paste from your competitors or other resources. Although you can seek references, it is not recommended to simply paste the whole content as it is. If you are including some research of other marketers or sources, it is allowed to give them recognition in your content (mention the source name, preferably with a link).

If you can perform your research, it is always great. People love reading such content that is organic and real-time. To check the duplicacy, there are several paid and free-to-use tools available such as Quetext and smallseotools.

Besides, proofreading your content before publishing is mandatory to avoid plagiarism and other grammatical errors. To fix grammatical errors, you can use Grammarly (a helpful tool that performs a check and provides suggestions to improve). This tool also provides you with an overview of the clarity, engagement, and correctness of your content.


What do you understand by ‘keyword’? It is a text string or a word that a user types in the search engines to look for the most relevant content over the internet. Well, you might have understood its importance in your content.

Keyword insertion in your content is a crucial aspect. Looking for the most relevant keywords as per your services is even more crucial. Doing keyword research is a stressful task, and there are professionals to achieve it. Alternatively, you can use some available tools like Google’s keyword planner. These tools help you to find out the trending keywords according to your targeted region.

Moreover, you can choose tools such as ahrefs where you can check keyword difficulty, search volume, user clicks, and global volume mentioning the percentage in different countries. This tool is paid so it is only feasible if you have a separate budget for content marketing.

Use appropriate headings

When you write content, it is noteworthy that you need to write appealing headlines. On average, 8 out of 10 people read the headlines instead of reading the whole content body. Apparently, you need to optimize all the content headlines. If you fail to convince the readers with headlines, the greatness of your content won’t even matter.

In SERPs, the ranking of your content is directly proportional to the CTR or click-through rate. If the readers don’t click through the headlines to your post, Google will drop the content ranking. Therefore, you need to grab the attention of readers with trending and powerful headlines. The keyword insertion in your headline content is mandatory, too.

Offer content via Emails

If you’re a well-positioned business online and already have users, one of the best content marketing techniques is to provide exclusive content to those who are already added to your email list. Leveraging this content marketing technique will require less effort as people who’ve shared their emails with you are already your fans.

Offer personalized content via emails as it makes the subscribers feel special, and they’re more likely to prove out the best audience. As mentioned earlier in this post, segmentation plays a pivotal role in this technique as well. You can try email segmentation based on subscribers’ past behaviors, tastes, and other preferences.

If you’ve personalized resources or eBooks, you can also forward those over emails. It is one of the best ways to engage your audience.

Be Creative

You should create creative visual content such as slide presentations, infographics, and Videos. A one-minute video is worth 1.8 billion words, according to Forrester Research. That’s because a video is far easier to remember than text.

In addition, you can also tell the story through infographics using powerful design and statistics. With so many tools readily available on the web such as, SlideShare, Adobe Spark, etc. There has never been a better time to get creating interesting, shareable content!

Be Consistent

When you opt for content marketing techniques for your business, it is important to set a schedule for content posting. Plan out the frequency of your content, i.e., whether you want to post weekly or bi-weekly, whatever you choose, and be consistent with the trend.

Choosing content frequency and consistency helps you create a strong brand’s reputation. To achieve this, you can maintain an excel sheet where you can create a content calendar and keep it updated periodically. Or, you can choose some readily available editorial calendars like CoSchedule, Buffer (social media post automation tool), Asana, etc. as per your budget.

Allow social media sharing

Allowing social media sharing of your content post is one of the most powerful content marketing trends. Whenever you post an article or any other content related to your business, make social media sharing easy. It is the easiest hack to adopt in your content marketing technique.

Simply placing social media sharing buttons at the bottom of your blog posts and throughout your website is not only helpful for web traffic but also visually appealing. It is noteworthy that you need to place some compelling content or CTA above those links to persuade the readers to share your content. Today’s readers are used to social media platforms like Instagram, they tend to simply click and share the post that they like with their friends.

Alternatively, you can place tweetable text in your posts. It is another way to easily spread your content.

Create Social Media Posts

In addition to the above-mentioned point of making your content shareable on social media platforms, it is recommended to start posting content on your social media channels directly with appropriate hashtags.

There are already 3.78 billion users worldwide who are active on social media. It is anticipated that this number will surpass 4 billion by 2025, by Statista. That indicates the popularity of social media portals for online activities. So, it is one of the best content marketing tips for your business.

Don’t miss out on the readers’ pool on social media as they will listen to you there surely.

Reach Out to Influencers

Another best content marketing trend nowadays is to pay the influencers with an existing following on social networking portals. They can easily promote your content to their audience. However, you need to do thorough research before committing to an influencer. You need to analyze his/her audience, trust, impact, and engagement. These are a few elements that make a difference in your content marketing strategy.

Some influencers that you can reach out to include celebrities, authoritative figures, social media personalities, bloggers, and other micro-influencers. It is important to keep your influencer happy with some sort of extra benefits as they can make or break your brand reputation if not happy with you. It is a two-way relationship.

Analyze Analytics

If you don’t pay attention to the analytics, all your content marketing techniques might be in vain. Every content marketing effort that you are putting in is hugely dependent on statistics. It is important for you to know the source of traffic, i.e., whether it is landing through referrals or social media, or others. It will help you understand the best medium to boost your efforts. Moreover, you can fix the hurdles that are causing less traffic through other modes.

Further research reveals that not every visitor to your website or blog is interested in making a purchase. Some people may read and then leave, while others may have had difficulty reaching out to you, and so on. Google Analytics is a service that helps you figure out where and why your readers are leaving. You can understand the pattern and adjustments that need to be done by tracking it right in the tool, whether it’s your content or any other technological issue.

Continue to update the outdated stuff.

In today’s world, it only takes a few months or even a year for your material or knowledge to become obsolete. Alternatively, there may be a need to add new keywords to the text to improve ranking. It is noteworthy that updating the old content on the same URL doesn’t affect SEO.

While updating the old content, you can update the old statistics or the new updates related to the topic or new authoritative sources of content or replace the old images, etc. To keep a check on which content to be updated, you can perform a content audit annually to improve your content marketing techniques.

Final Words

The advantages of content marketing are undeniably vast. It’s also simple and inexpensive to create and implement a content strategy for your company. Content marketing trends, on the other hand, are constantly shifting.

If you want to grow and expand, you should keep an eye on the tips and methods that might help you improve your content marketing strategies. The more you explore and incorporate, the more you can benefit your business. All the content marketing tips mentioned in this blog post are accurate and effective. You can utilize these as per your convenience and nature of business. For more information as well as for content marketing services, you can contact Digi Lumos freely.

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