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Why is Digi Lumos your perfect partner for Web Design Magento?

Magento web design ServicesDigi Lumos lends a hand to businesses looking to construct their company portals using c. These solutions combine modules and deploy solutions that automate business processes to keep up with changing demands and turn the company into a profitable profit model. Digi Lumos becomes a lifelong partner for your growth using modern tools, creativity, and post-development assistance. Our quality always exceeds industry standards, regardless of price.Being one of the leading Magento eCommerce design companies, our website designers work closely with clients to understand their design needs and keep the current trend in mind. We are ready to assist in every Magento template and website web design step.
Over the years, Digi Lumos has earned a reputation for expert-level results. We work with the mission of developing a strong online model, added with modern features fitting best for the eCommerce store. As the leading Magento web design company, we help our clients to keep growing and match up with the current market.

Web Design Magento Services

Building Scalable E-commerce Shops

We have a team of passionate programmers, developers, and QA engineers who follow a streamlined procedure for eCommerce web design that improves the website user experience helps increase revenue, and promotes client loyalty. Our project manager and team facilitate a clear approach for all Magento development needs, from design and development to review, testing, and Magento support and maintenance.

Our certified Magento designers provide customer-centric Magento eCommerce stores for 100 percent client satisfaction, whether you need B2B or B2C eCommerce web design or wish to outsource web design.

Delivering Customized Magento Solutions

Being one of the top-notch Magento website design companies, Digi Lumos provides quality Magento eCommerce solutions services to meet the needs of clients globally. We also indulge in Magento 2 development services for our e-commerce clients at the global level. Our developers curate websites that establish high-quality standards and are valuable to the clients in the long run, regardless of how challenging the project is!

Furthermore, our web developers worked on different versions of Magento. They can assist you in reaping the benefits of Magento eCommerce web design, such as improved search and performance, inventory management across multiple locations, and flexible B2B payments, in naming a few.

With Digi Lumos at your side, you get:

  • Certified Magento 2 Developers
  • Result Oriented Workflow
  • Affordable Prices
  • Improved data security and fraud prevention

eCommerce business owners are moving largely towards the Magento web platform because of its user-friendly features. Scalability is the major feature of Magento retail carts. If you’re a medium-sized firm trying to leap to compete with the big boys, our Magento developer can help you make the change. For example, you might have a large product inventory offering many sophisticated, customized products, and you’ll need a hosted dynamic interface to manage your business’s eCommerce potential.

Joining Hands with Best Magento Developers, you get:

Best Magento Developers

Balanced Solution Cost– We cannot guarantee that our Magento developers will be inexpensive. However, we guarantee that we will properly staff your project with the necessary skills to fulfill the objectives. In addition, our characteristics of attention to detail in project planning will be worth your investment.

Clean Magento Code– The quality of your code has a significant impact on the performance and security of your website. When landing new customers, we carefully adhere to Magento coding standards and offer code audit services.

Matching with your Business Needs– We understand how dynamic eCommerce enterprises may be and to help you with development as soon as possible. Minor features will be delivered within 1-3 business days; larger features will require an accurate appraisal.

We design fully responsive and mobile-friendly eCommerce stores that utilize Magento’s features. Our team of Magento 2 Experts stands tall among the finest Magento web design businesses worldwide, having already managed.

Digi Lumos, the leading Magento 2 development company, collaborates closely with the development team to produce highly customized commerce solutions that address the businesses and their target audience’s specific needs. No matter what type of Magento solution you require, our certified Magento developers can provide end-to-end eCommerce solutions for every company requirement.

Magento is a scalable platform for developing user and company-friendly eCommerce sites. Over the years, we have worked on over 100+ websites using modern Magento development tools. Being one of the widely used open-source eCommerce systems, Magento is the perfect web development option for those who want to remodel or migrate their existing site. 

Build Your Online Platform With Certified Magento ECommerce Development Services

certified Magento ecommerce development

Magento provides a specific platform for Magento enterprise development to ensure you run the best e-commerce web domain. For your eCommerce development, we will identify the most renowned and effective Magento Enterprise Development models. We can boost your e-commerce presence as a prominent Magento development agency with our e-commerce development experience.

We are a leading Magento Development Company, backed by the latest tools and skills at an expert level. Our mission is to provide our clients with powerful storefront models, so you may now add and upgrade features to your eCommerce store that will increase its scalability. Our Magento development company employs industry-standard techniques, so you don’t face any issues later.

We Believe in Offering More

As one of the best Magento web design companies, we don’t restrict ourselves to limited service. We deal in giving you more than you desire. Our additional service includes-

Magento 2.2 B2B Suite

Magento 2.2 was released to revolutionize the Magento B2B business in capabilities. The significant shifts include a full range of native B2B functionality and deployment enhancements, advanced reporting, and improved performance.

The B2B suite gives you the tools and sophisticated workflows to develop your existing B2B eCommerce store into a large enterprise. With fantastic features like a complex product ordering matrix, tools and workflows that reflect sales, credit limits, customized pricing, and more, the B2B suite may boost the conversions of your eCommerce site.

Magento PWA-

PWA websites are one of the greatest ways to get unique speed, security, and cross-browser compatibility. The best part is that PWA makes your website look and feel the same on every device, including smartphones and other mobile devices.

Magento Migration

Magento 2 is a significant improvement in performance over Magento 1. Although the procedure is quite hard, you can always use migration tools to make it easier. Migrate your existing eCommerce store to the Magento 2 platform without destroying anything. As the leading Magento 2 development service, we do it with perfection.


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Magento is a powerful, fast, and quick content management system with a modular architecture that gives online merchants more control over their business processes and helps increase their online sales. On one side, most eCommerce systems require additional components to be added or bespoke development work. Still, Magento CMS is a wholesome system that enables users to create, maintain, and organize a website hassle-free.

Magento is a growing eCommerce script using MySQL and Zend PHP databases. It gives eCommerce business owners complete control over the appearance, content, and functionality of their stores. Magento CMS has a stunning admin interface and powerful catalog management and marketing tools. Top Magento developers prefer this CMS to build an e-commerce platform.

Some of the features it holds

  • Effective SEO-

Magento CMS includes extensive SEO tools and built-in statistics. It creates URLs and Meta Descriptions that are SEO-friendly. Google sitemaps are integrated and watermarking and image resizing are automated. Apart from this, several Magento extensions allow you to tweak SEO according to your website’s needs.

  • Robust Performance

Magento is designed to handle over a thousand products and a significant traffic volume. Magento is designed to fulfill your needs if you have many products. It’s extremely scalable, allowing you to raise or decrease the resources required by your server based on traffic.

  • Flexible Service

Magento CMS provides quick source code modification based on the user’s needs and requirements. You can customize Magento themes and extensions to a great extent.

Magento 2, the upgraded version that eCommerce business owners utilize, has several advantages. It has a good conversion rate and can handle a lot of traffic on the website. It has evolved into a sophisticated shopping cart platform with enhanced capabilities such as integrated image optimization, URL rewriting, and many tools for building and administering XML websites.

In Magento 2, the entire notion of search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in driving visitors to the website. The main Magento advantages that set it apart from competitors in the digital commerce arena will be discussed in the next debate. Two major ways your e-commerce website will benefit from Magento 2 are-

  • Improved Checkout Process

The checkout procedure is critical for eCommerce sites since it is one of the variables that decide whether or not you will make sales. One of the reasons many people quit their shopping carts is this. Magento 2 provides a more user-friendly checkout experience with only two steps: shipment, review, and payment. These are displayed on two separate pages.

This two-step procedure streamlines the checkout process while simultaneously improving client satisfaction. Furthermore, Magento 2 allows visitors to be identified as visitors.

  • Mobile Friendly

With a responsive design and a mobile-friendly checkout, Magento 2 is mobile-friendly. Magento 2 Development services develop eCommerce websites that work on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, and with any screen resolution. You may also make apps that are compatible with mobile devices. Magento 2 has simple apps that boost your conversation rate and help you expand your business quickly.

Magento is a user-friendly, high-tech, modern eCommerce platform based on open-source technology. It gives online merchants remarkable flexibility and control over their website design, content, and functionality. It is suitable for every eCommerce business, from those with a few products to those with tens of thousands.

This CMS system is given a top priority by organizations and individuals looking to build a long-term professional eCommerce site. Magento is the most popular open-source platform for developing online stores. But the most important aspect is that it is professional and completely free. Some of the reasons to use it for your e-commerce business are-

  • Easy Multi-Program Integration

Third-party add-ons and modules are easy to integrate with your Magento store. This service provider is unrestricted in its modifications. Shop owners can also integrate Google Analytics and other third-party connectors onto their sites to enhance data analysis.

  • Improved speed

If you need a faster loading website, investing in Magento is the best you can do. Magento is known to create quick-loading web pages, which is one way to gain maximum traffic. Slow-loading a website can take away your website traffic, and we at Digi Lumos ensure you shouldn’t face such issues. 

  • Mobile Responsive

Magento is an excellent platform for mobile-friendly websites. It adheres to all the mobile web design guidelines. The HTML5 platform is used in both the free community edition and the enterprise version of Magento to improve the mobile shopping experience. As a result, your eCommerce store will be optimized at all times.

  • With custom Magento development, each customer receives cost-effective eCommerce web solutions and services. It is appropriate for a variety of internet businesses today. Several businesses use Magento and its fully-featured web development tool for various corporate requirements. Magento custom development is in huge demand, and if you connect with any best Magento development company India, you will get a customized version of the same.
  • Some benefits you will get are-
    • Open Source Customized Tools

    Magento is free to use and has a lot of versatility. It’s an open-source eCommerce platform that caters to many e-commerce web owners. It assists every user in saving money, time, and resources, for example. Magento and Magento 2 Development Company have made it simple for all developers to create their custom eCommerce websites using a single source.

    • Customizable and Responsive

    Custom Magento development allows for a greater number of customized features, resulting in a unique eCommerce site. Everything is made to order with Magento, which allows for the arrangement of product features and the construction of page layouts. It meets various company requirements, including accommodating various language options and selecting a payment gateway.

    • Faster Page Loading

    Every eCommerce store nowadays demands that its websites load faster. Customers choose one online store over another, which is the cause of a slow web page.

    With optimized page loading, custom Magento development for the eCommerce site benefits the business and the client. It saves customers time and resources while promptly answering their questions. It increases the rate of conversion and sales systematically.

Magento has risen in popularity in the eCommerce market, with over 240,000 users globally. Due to its wide customizing possibilities and rich features, the demand is growing. The cost is determined by several things. Your company’s size is one of many aspects to consider. You can select between a basic Magento or Enterprise edition, depending on your business needs. If you are building a large e-commerce website that needs a high-end backend system, then it will cost you high. Magento eCommerce web development will examine all areas of the development and then will offer you the exact cost.