• To Get Measurable results: This is the main and most obvious advantage that Digi Lumos offers.
  • Global reach: When we refer to global reach we mean that, with the internet, your business can reach people from anywhere in the world.
  • Immediacy: Digital media allow us to see the results of a campaign in real-time so that we can adjust and optimize it as necessary.
  • Loyalty: Social networks allow us to generate stronger connections with our clients, and build a more expansive online community than we could in the offline world.
  • Precision in the target: While a traditional marketing ad is printed to a large undifferentiated public , with digital marketing agencies we can direct ads to a specific audience, thus achieving much more efficient campaigns.

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    Kavita Sethi

    Digi Lumos transformed our online visibility! Their SEO expertise delivered tangible results, boosting our traffic and conversions. Highly recommend!

    Davinder Singh

    Thanks to Digi Lumos, our online presence skyrocketed! Their SEO strategies drove real growth, and their team’s dedication made all the difference.

    Inderjit Singh

    Incredible results with Digi Lumos! Their SEO service delivered a significant increase in traffic and conversions. Highly impressed and highly recommended!

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    Our Seo Services In Ludhiana

    Local SEO Services

    Understanding the local search market and how algorithm changes can impact businesses like yours is what our team thrives on. Digi Lumos helps you capture more of the local market with local SEO services in Ludhiana so that more people in your area can find your business. With our tech-enabled local SEO plans, you’ll receive a custom do-it-for-me solution to accelerate your ROI from local searches.

    Shopify SEO Services

    At Digi Lumos, we help Shopify websites rank page #1 and reach its potential traffic. We’ll clearly explain everything such as what we’ll do, how much it’ll cost, and how we’ll beat your competitors. We’ve helped countless businesses in increasing their digital presence and fine-tuning their Shopify SEO, and we’d love to do the same for you!

    Amazon SEO

    It’s not easy to be discovered on Amazon! Because the competition is tough and high, you’ll need to hire a digital agency to help you strengthen your AMS approach. At Digi Lumos, we assist you in getting your products discovered in this vast industry. To provide significant results, our Amazon marketing experts integrate the best Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, and Amazon storefront and branding techniques.

    On-Page SEO Services

    At Digi Lumos, SEO equals ROI. Our on-page SEO services help you increase your online presence by improving your search engine rankings. This helps not only your target audience find your content, but also search engines crawl and index your web pages. Digi Lumos’ on page services also include hands-on technical and strategic support at all stages of the process, via planning, execution, and reporting.

    OFF page SEO Services

    Digi Lumos makes sure that search engines like Google consider your site best in terms of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness with our most effective off-page SEO services in Ludhiana. We make marketing efforts outside your website, like working on keyword position improvement and creating high-quality backlinks, for your website to build its authority, increase visibility, and bring organic traffic from targeted keywords.

    Ecommerce SEO Services

    SEO for eCommerce is a tool. We’ve spent years refining and curating our SEO strategy for businesses that sell their products and services online. This means we know exactly which SEO strategies perform best for e-commerce and also which web pages convert the most. And with Digi Lumos e-commerce SEO services Ludhiana, you will not only drive traffic but increase revenue as well.

    Grow your business online with Ludhiana SEO Agency

    You have just typed a digital marketing agency in the Google search engines, you are anxious to introduce your company to digital transformation quickly, and Google, for some reason that you will soon discover, believes that we are the best alternative to solve your doubts.

    We will have done something good, right?

    You have many doubts about everything that is discussed, but internally, you know that you need to do it soon and want to do it in the hands of someone who deserves your trust.

    Why don’t you take a few minutes and read what we have to tell you? Maybe you stop here with a smart decision of getting marketing services for your business.

    Why Choose Digi Lumos for Digital Marketing Services? 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of driving traffic from the organic search results of major search engines such as Yandex and Google. If your site is not visible in search engines, potential customers will work with your competitors, not with you.

    For maximum coverage of the target audience, the Ludhiana SEO agency uses effective strategies. We have developed an “Iterative method” of website promotion – allowing you to accelerate the achievement of results by 30%.

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    We believe that only through involvement and joint work on a project, you can achieve great goals and get great results, so we form a Dream Team for each project. In the process of work, we plunge headlong into the client’s business, looking for and making only those decisions that are relevant to the tasks and business goals.

    In 2022 and 2023, we have gained great experience and know better than anyone what to focus on in order to complete the project on time and save the client’s budget. We know how to avoid fatal mistakes when creating complex IT solutions. Each time, before starting a project, we do an audit to determine the route and tools for moving forward. We respect the deadline, we do the work on time, and after the launch of the project, we analyze the impact on the business and accompany. It will take only 1 hour per month to control the quality of the SEO promotion service provided and the dynamics of indicators. You have access to all the necessary information on the promotion of the site. We prepare detailed reports and provide them every month. You will always know what the spent money is spent on and what we do as part of the promotion of the resource. We guarantee transparent cooperation.

    It will take only 1 hour per month to control the quality of the SEO promotion service provided and the dynamics of indicators. You have access to all the necessary information on the promotion of the site. We prepare detailed reports and provide them every month. You will always know what the spent money is spent on and what we do as part of the promotion of the resource. We guarantee transparent cooperation.

    We Are Digi Lumos Your SEO Company Ludhiana

    Professional SEO Ludhiana

    Your business website needs will be handled by an experienced SEO team. Starting from utilizing campaign strategy methods to SEO optimization, everything is done to satisfy you as a customer. State your request and we will help you with a professional business marketing strategy to make it more potent.

    Quick Results

    Our team of professionals will develop a promotion strategy that will take into account all the features of your site and your wishes. We will carry out work that will allow you to quickly get the result of promotion in the top 10 in search results, increasing traffic and the number of leads.

    Know Where You Are At Search Engine

    Our SEO team will always monitor the progress of your website so that it still appears on page 1 of the Google search engine. Every month, our team will send you a progress report on your website so you can keep an eye on your target goals.

    Powered By Professional Tools

    Digi Lumos always maximizes the use of the best tools such as Spyfu, SEMrush, MOZ Pro, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, etc. for keyword research and data analysis, to report withdrawals in the optimization process of our client.


    In optimizing a website, SEO strategies will always be used to display the website on page 1 of Google so that it is easier for customers to find. Every month we will provide insight to find keywords that are relevant to your business and we will later include them in articles and websites.

    Oriented To Grow Your Business

    The SEO strategy must go straight with a clear marketing target. We direct the business website SEO strategy according to the products and services that your company offers to visitors in order to get an increase in leads and sales.


    It is a digital marketing technique to create and improve your website to appear on page 1 of Google with certain keywords and increase website traffic to your website organically. Take advantage of Digi Lumos -Ludhiana Search engine optimization experts for SEO marketing to be able to optimize your website and get various benefits.

    Digital marketing is one of the best ways to market your business and products in today’s online era. With this strategy, your website will be able to appear on Search Engine Result Pages. And if properly optimized, appearing on page 1 of the Google search engine is not impossible. Helping your business be successful. Take advantage of our Digi Lumos – Ludhiana company for SEO marketing services so that your site can be optimized to the maximum.

    Professional and experienced SEO service providers will not guarantee ranking or number of visitors. True SEO increases the relevance and uniqueness of the website in Google search results.

    Even though we are a Ludhiana SEO specialists service provider, we can not guarantee to appear on page 1 of Google in a particular period. It is because Google updates its search engine algorithms to find certain websites that are relevant and have quality content with whatever users are looking for, so the results of the ranking position on page 1 of Google are often unstable. Even anyone will not be able to pay Google to get the highest-ranking position in organic search results.

    However, as professional SEO experts, we will strive to increase the amount of organic website traffic that enters your website with quality content marketing and other search engines optimization strategies.

    The agency has to know the product or service offered by the client as if it were its own and understand what the objectives and deadlines are. It is extremely important to create strategies that optimize time, the tools to use, and, above all, the client’s investment. No one knows more about your brand and product than yourself, you know where to find your potential customers; but if you have the sense to find a good agency, it will help you enhance your strengths, differentiate yourself from your competitors and achieve the proper digital presence in your target audience.

    The promotion team does not depend on the tariff you choose. An SEO specialist, marketer, media planner, analyst, technical support specialists, designers, and content managers will work with your site. Staying up to date with the promotion process will allow communication with a personal manager. He, as the coordinator of a group of specialists who will work on your site, will be able to answer all the questions that arise in the process of promoting the site, and also give advice on the development of the resource after making all the improvements.

    Yes, our Ludhiana SEO company specialists independently implement improvements aimed at improving the site and its promotion. Each project is allocated a fixed number of hours to complete improvements. Their development and implementation are carried out by a team of designers, programmers, and other specialists. From the business owner, for the successful implementation of improvements, it is only necessary to coordinate the work that is planned on the site promotion, and access for our employees. All improvements will be implemented only with your consent.

    How do we get results for you?


    We form a list of queries that will bring an interested audience to your site. The semantic core includes general and clarifying keywords, information, brand, product, and related categories. If necessary, we add georeferencing to them if you work only in a certain region. It makes no sense to promote for keywords that do not match the content of your site.


    We optimize the content of the site, its texts, titles, and meta tags, add the necessary keywords, remove unnecessary ones, check the frequency of occurrences, if necessary, correct it. All optimization parameters are calculated based on the current algorithms of search engines such as Bing and Google. We perform internal website optimization, link pages together, and help find minor errors that affect rankings.


    Before starting website promotion, we conduct a comprehensive audit, analyze the resource and evaluate it according to a variety of criteria. We check positions, study competitors, and determine which SEO tools need to be applied. We will continue to work to improve the performance of your website. It is important not only the number of requests for which the site is at the top but also how these requests are targeted and relevant to the content of your resource.


    We form a link strategy according to the main principle of medicine – “do no harm”. Link mass growth should occur smoothly, without sudden jumps that look unnatural to search engines. In addition, it is important to carefully choose donors, avoiding sites that are engaged in the mass placement of links and do not enjoy the trust of search engines.


    We study competitors’ websites and your resources, compare content, and analyze what you have done better and what is worse, and what is missing. It is important that the visitor not only visit your site, but also receive information that will interest him, be satisfied with the visit, and if we are talking about a store, then place an order. We will give specific recommendations on what content your resource needs to keep the guest’s attention.


    Any, even the most correct promotion strategy requires an analysis of effectiveness. We regularly study the dynamics of your site, and how much its positions have improved for certain queries, after which, if necessary, we make adjustments to SEO work.  And spent the budget as efficiently as possible!

    Why are we trusted?

    • The result after 1.5 months of work

    Our team of professionals will develop a promotion strategy that will take into account all the features of your site and your wishes. We will carry out work that will allow you to quickly get the result of promotion in the top 10 in search results, increasing traffic and the number of leads.

    • Complete Cooperation

    Starting from the planning of improvements and up to their implementation on the site, our digital marketing experts will deal with the project. You will only need timely coordination of work on your site.

    • Team professionalism

    Our specialists are experts with specialized certificates in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Email Marketing,  business optimization, etc.

    • Choice of clients

    Clients recommend our agency to partners and colleagues. At the moment, more than 70% of requests for the service of SEO promotion of the site are on the recommendation. We have been working with our clients for a long time just because of the trust we built with our result-driven work. On average, the cooperation lasts more than three years.

    First, you need to understand where there is a demand for your product or service. If organic (non-advertising) search is interested in this, then it is possible to calculate the approximate result that can be obtained with SEO. We can analyze your site and suggest where it is more efficient to spend money on brand/product/service development.

    First of all, the choice depends on the primary tasks and business processes of the client. For example, if the sales department is fully loaded, it makes no sense to load advertising channels and it is recommended to pay more attention to SEO.

    The success of SEO optimization depends on the number of hours that you need to spend on the project in order to implement all the recommendations of the SEO department. The faster all the recommendations are implemented, the faster the site will grow and develop. Success also depends on the client’s market (B2B or B2C segment, niche density, and competitiveness) – this affects the amount of work that needs to be done, and the strategy is chosen based on an analysis of the market and competitors.

    The minimum budget for SEO is determined by the required mandatory monthly work on the site. There is no maximum budget in SEO because as part of SEO work, work can be laid on the overall strategy for the development of the site, which can be improved endlessly. SEO is a part of marketing, so it is impossible to limit yourself to certain jobs. Often SEO can be linked to the company’s goals, and the goals themselves can be adjusted again when they are achieved.

    We use our own development of a system that integrates with Yandex. Metrica, Yandex. Webmaster, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console display all information about the project in one place.

    Positions are removed in the project, and results are calculated for traffic and conversions. The project implements a lot of functions, including the automatic generation of an analytical report based on integrated analytics systems, and is sent to the client by mail.

    At the same time, the report is configured individually: you can see the dynamics of positions for 1-12 months, compare results with the previous month, etc. Each client has access to the personal account of our system, where he sees every task, request, position, and traffic per day/week/month/year.

    SEO organically develops slowly. As a professional SEO service provider, we will see the results of the SEO carried out in the third or fourth month so that we can see how the optimization has progressed. Our professional search engine optimization experts will provide you with a report on the progress of your site.

    Reaching us out is never a problem!

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