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SEO V/s PPC: What Would Be Best For Your Business In 2023? 

SEO and PPC have dominated the digital marketing world. Nowadays, every business website uses both or either of these in its marketing strategy to gain high-value clientele. But many businesses don’t want to step on both boats; they want to cut costs by investing wholly in either. 

The problem is – they don’t know what would be better for their business in the long term, so they are not taking the risk of giving up on any of these. This is not how businesses run, so we’re here to help you know – ‘What would be best for your business in 2023’? 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization 

Every website you see on the 1st page of Google with organic search results uses SEO. SEO is one of the brilliant tactics that websites opt to appear credible in SERP and make potential customers buy your products or services. 

Competitors view SERP as a battlefield where businesses in the same niche are fighting to grab the higher spot. But ‘The Best Wins Here’! How to become the best? To become the best, you’ve to – 

Google Compliant 

Google Compliant

By ‘Google Compliant’, we mean – ‘Following White Hat SEO Techniques’. Google has a strong disliking for websites trying to be over-smart (following Black Hat SEO Techniques) to drive traffic. We’ve heard this phrase many times, “Haste Makes Waste”. The same goes in the SEO world – If you try to grab a higher rank ASAP by following unethical SEO, you may get Google penalties. 

Google keeps updating its guidelines from time to time, so, what’s ethical today, could be unethical for Google in the future. So, SEO executives have to change their strategies after every update. 

Consistent With SEO Efforts

SEO is not a ‘Set It and Forget It’ approach. One has to be consistent with SEO efforts. It is a regular process, be it backlinks creation, GMB profile maintenance, embedding targeted keywords, or keeping on-page elements in order to bring organic traffic to your website. Consistent SEO efforts prove fruitful in the long run. 

Consistent SEO efforts require you to create a strong SEO strategy.

Top 5 Reasons – “Why SEO?”

  1. 75% of searchers never go past the first page of results. So, it is quintessentially important to appear in the 1st SERP. SEO is the only way to take you there. 
  2. Organic search traffic makes up 51% of all website traffic. 
  3. Compared to conventional marketing efforts, SEO leads have an eightfold higher likelihood of turning into paying clients.
  4. 70% to 80% of visitors simply ignore paid advertisements. They jump to the organic results. 
  5. 61% of digital marketers say, “Enhancing SEO Efforts & Organic Presence on their websites is one of their top inbound marketing initiatives.”

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PPC – Pay Per Click 

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is also known as Pay Per Lead. This is one of the result-oriented digital marketing tactics, but you’ve to pay for every click or lead you to get. This solution is cost-effective and better for businesses looking for short-term gains. But if you’re looking to establish a strong identity for your business, PPC (Alone) is definitely not the solution. 

It is notable that SEO can bring results without PPC, but PPC advertising can’t get results without SEO. For example, You have activated paid PPC ads for paid searches that intend to redirect users to the homepage of your website, but the homepage takes more than 2 minutes to load.

It shows the pros and cons of pay per click in the absence of SEO. Do you think users will stay and wait patiently? No, they don’t! Here comes the role of SEO.

 Managing load time comes under the SEO sphere. To make sure your ads bring you the best results, you must have the following: 

Good Content & Graphics Having Landing Pages

Good Content & Graphics Having Landing Pages

After clicking on an ad, a user gets redirected to the landing page. It is the page where the user receives the required information about the features and benefits of the product. It wouldn’t be wrong to say – ‘The landing page acts as a salesperson for your online store’. 

Since a landing page has great potential to turn visitors into buyers, the page needs to be beautifully created. It must have good content that is specifically written for the targeted audience. Also, it must have personalized graphics. Don’t JUST download from Shutterstock or Unsplash and forcefully make it go with the content. 

Good Budget

The more budget you invest in PPC campaigns, the more revenue you will earn. For every $1 you spend, you can gain up to $4. Also, you must have a good strategy about where to spend your budget. No matter how massive a budget you have, if you don’t have a good strategy about how to spend it, the budget won’t be able to generate the expected amount of revenue. 

Top 5 Reasons – Why PPC?

  1. PPC clickers call the advertiser in 52% of cases.
  2. 46% of page clicks go to the top 3 paid ad slots.
  3. Algorithm updates have no impact on PPC.
  4. Conversion rates for remarketing rise over time.
  5. Paid Ads Take Priority Over Organic Rankings

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What’s Best For My Business?

What’s Best For My Business

According to digital marketing experts, “Both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) can take your business’ revenue to the peak. But when it comes to choosing one, invest in SEO, as it would be a better option because it involves comprehensive approaches to growing your business. It makes your business appear credible on the search results page. Besides, it is responsible for maintaining your website from a to z. 

SEO is the only way to accomplish all the goals at once, be it the site’s load time, backlink creation, boosting social media, endeavoring to take your website to the top of SERP, or reaching locals. But if you can afford to leverage your website with SEO and PPC simultaneously, you can expect to host a ‘Grand Achievement Party’. (SEO + PPC = Massive Profits). 

Final Comments!

SEO and PPC have become the biggest fad in the digital marketing world. Your targeted audience can’t reach you if you have leveraged the power of SEO and PPC in your business website. It is suggested to weigh your business goals and objectives in regard to SEO and PPC if you want to choose one for your business. I hope this blog has cleared all your confusion regarding – ‘What to choose between SEO and PPC?’