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Imagine the race that every brand is involved in to connect with users to promote their product or service. Social media marketing has transformed the way businesses communicate with their clients. Moreover, these marketing platforms are great in assisting customers in connecting with companies and services they enjoy! As a result, many businesses are looking forward to seeking social media optimization services. Irrespective of the business size, if you are looking for the right partner to market your product or service, Digi Lumos, a leading social media optimization company, is at your assistance.

Both SEO and social media optimization play a vital role in promoting a brand, business, or organization online. The ultimate aim is to ensure your business social profile reaches a wide audience. Do you have a way of telling stories that others can relate to? Are you using the proper hashtags and including many images in your posts? If you’re unsure where to begin and how to begin, an SMO services provider may be able to assist you.

Since there are multiple social networks available for branding, the challenge is to pick up just the right way out of numerous ways to sustain social networks. As you may guess, doing this alone isn’t always easy!

Social media optimization company

Digi Lumos is the leading social media optimization company using various social media channels that can power your brand and deliver results with excellent marketing campaigns as a leading SMO Marketing Company. We work to get more followers, stay on the latest trends, create engaging content, and work according to the business requirements. Our staff has years of expertise in the business and is capable of providing accurate market research and solutions.

Social media optimization involves using relevant keywords and the right information to fetch more details and followers. When you opt for social media optimization services like ours, there are some great advantages for business on a short and long-term basis. Using a digital marketing strategy will improve brand awareness and brand management.

Your website is designed in a way to stay competitive in the market. Our staff will assist you in determining which ad objectives correspond to your overall social media optimization strategy. We’ll help you assess each of your campaigns and keep examining if they deliver the outcomes you want. Our optimization techniques help in user engagement and brand building.

Digital Marketing Services by Digi Lumos

Business Marketing

A social media company’s main purpose is marketing. Our social media experts create and implement strategies that work best for business promotion on different platforms. They manage your brand’s visibility on various social networking sites while aiming to reach the largest possible audience and help in business growth.

Ad Management

DigiLumos believe in creating a world-class brand online. We work in creating, managing, promoting, and virally ads that will bring new life to your product and service. We have an expert team that works on social media ad promotion and analyses the result further. Not only this, our expert’s post scrutiny bring solutions that help your brand grow worldwide.

Social Media Account Audit

We at Digi Lumos offer a complete social media account audit which includes examining user activities, post-performance, and other aspects. Irrespective of the size of your business pages, auditing is an important part of optimization. It will help you to assist you in figuring out what’s working for your audience and how you can enhance your campaign. We provide monthly reports and help in reaching company goals.

Working on Custom Images

Potential customers follow many social media platforms, and each forum has a unique way of presenting images. Once you partner with Digi Lumos, the leading social media optimization company, you will get a custom image service that can positively serve your social media campaigns.

Social Media Network Setup

From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, depending on the type of service you offer, we will market it on the social media platform using trendy strategies. In other words, we work on online reputation management, helping businesses create opportunities. However, you will own these pages, but they will be monitored and run by our social media team.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Branding is an integral part of social media optimization, and the brand owners want their products and service to reach a wider audience. With a team of SMO experts, we analyze your brand reputation and check how the audience thinks about it. Using different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, we watch what the target audience thinks of each.

Video Production

According to one research, social media users, on average, spend 6 hours every week watching videos, including reels on Instagram. Using video, a business can witness a huge traffic flow needed for brand promotion. With social media videos pique your audience’s interest, you may increase audience engagement and boost your YouTube social media marketing and other SMM initiatives.

Advanced Marketing Tools

When it comes to effective social media marketing strategy, we at Digi Lumos invest in the right tools to bring in more effective results. Thanks to our smart marketing technology, we can deliver result-oriented campaigns that produce excellent outcomes. We utilize machine learning to help you design your data-driven campaign. We use data from your sector to help you create a successful social media marketing plan.

Content Creation

When we mention content creation in social media optimization, we mean creating content for social media platforms. Be it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, our team works on creating unique and short content that can speak volumes about your brand. Entrust the creation of your material to our B2B social media marketing experts, and you’ll get high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Defining our expertise using Social Media Platforms


Social Media Platforms

Social Media Optimization Services is the finest way to grow your brand/business using effective online marketing tools. A brand’s social media presence allows it to stay active on many social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

It is important that all social media strategies implemented should be one step ahead. Our team of online marketing will help in building your brand by connecting with the target audience and creating campaigns that will not only generate revenue but face value too.

Digi Lumos, one of the leading social media optimization services, carries a wealth of experience in the field. Our social media team understands how to plan and implement effective social media marketing strategies that can bring new life to your brand.

What makes us unique compared to other social media optimization service is what carry the mantra of Reach and Leads. As the leading social media optimization company, Digi Lumos believes in completing a task and keeps examining the result and bringing in new change. We strive to achieve more for our clients while providing social media marketing services in Bangalore. We value Return on Investment and seek to expand our clients’ reach and generate more leads. A great combination of preparation and imagination is essential to put interactive content that attracts the Target Audience continuously. Our planning process includes-

  • Understanding the business
  • Creating social media strategy
  • Building profiles in different platform
  • Social media content distribution using the right methods
  • Social media advertising and management

We Work on Building Awesome Results that Drive Profit

Social media optimization agency

One of the most acceptable ways to humanize your growing brand and create a positive impression among your target audience is effectively and smartly using social media marketing platforms. Thanks to those brains who work on introducing these platforms, giving brands a new life when it comes to marketing. Using Digi Lumo’s social media marketing service increases the number of people who support your company.

We are a leading SMO service provider, providing 360-degree services. With our vast expertise and skills, we have carved out a place as a well-known brand, helping us build a brand from scratch and take it to the top level.

By partnering with us, you get:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

With rich knowledge, minds, and tools, we help build brand awareness using social media platforms that can reach a wider audience.

  • Get Guaranteed Results

We work on creating smart results to help your brand get a raise and keep a long-term business relationship with clients like you.

  • Affordable Package

We provide several low-cost SMO service packages you can choose as per your need. We know you’re searching for niche appeal, so we built it to appeal to various budgets and business profiles. You can run campaigns for as long as you like with our services. We may just need to market you on Twitter for a month! On the other hand, long-term campaigns are recommended to keep getting positive results. We are the leading social media optimization company using social media channels, and we know how to stay in the market and face the challenge.


We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency..and can back that up

A lot of digital marketers claim to have won awards, but few can back it up.


Social Media Optimization is all about using the right technique to optimize your website to make it more “sociable.” Another way, SMO makes it easier for your company to be found online by the correct individuals. Social media optimization companies use multiple steps and platforms as a part of SMO services that can fetch traffic.

SMO helps to connect websites with social media platforms, thus creating more online presence and engagement. SMO, when done correctly, using an effective social media strategy will help in building social media networks, further helps to maintain your brand messaging constant across all networks, enhances your site’s search rankings, attracts traffic from social media and organic search, and increases brand recognition.

Social media optimization is a continuous process that does not happen immediately or simultaneously. When you do it regularly, you can expect substantial outcomes over time. With a social media presence, you can get the best exposure.

Being the top social media optimization agency, we have solutions for you, whether you are a startup or an established firm. All our clients working with us believe in our work, and we ensure that our strategies can create interesting results for a long. We work with various clients, from B2B to B2C, making us the most sought-after social media optimization company. We have strategized and constructed effective campaigns and given ideas that have helped our clients be known in the industry to provide one of the top social media marketing services.

One needs to keep in mind that social media marketing is insufficient. As digital marketing professionals of the social media optimization company, we strongly advise you to invest in social media strategies that align with your social media strategy to achieve long-term success.

Both SEO and SMO have different duties. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves technical aspects of website marketing. Google Analytics, keywords, and the following link-building process are under SEO. SMO, on the other hand, consists in using social media channels. It is a digital marketing method where various social media platforms bring more results. It also involves creating social media pages, checking search engine rankings, and brand management.

A post is a piece of content you share on social media for your followers to see. An ad is a paid post created to target a demographic-based audience outside of your following. Since many social media algorithms limit how many people view your company’s content naturally, Digi Lumos advise you to promote significant or relevant posts to ensure that more people see them.

Ads have different names in the marketing industry. Using social media channels, you can promote your brand or service to make it reach the target audience. On every social media channel, you can create advertisements that help in increasing engagement. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, each comes with its ad boosting methods.

Social Media Optimization

The process of simplifying or optimizing a website, helping it to reach multiple social media channels, is known as social media optimization, or SMO. This procedure can involve anything done “on-page,” such as improving the site’s interface to make it more appealing to visitors and encourage them to share it on social media platforms. Social media optimization companies use the best SMO strategy to match social media trends.

Social Media Marketing

SMM comes after SMO. SMO refers to changes to your website’s on-page content, whereas SMM refers to activities outside your website. After you’ve optimized your website, share and promote it on social media so that people can learn about your products and services and express interest in them, it takes on a more active role by referring to the creation and dissemination of content and other messages via the social web via viral marketing. Blogs, photos, and videos describing your services and products are examples.

SMO has different features or benefits that can help the website get promoted. Some of the features are-

  • Changing a customer’s mind about your company and your brand
  • Increasing brand recognition among a larger audience and through social media
  • Use social networking networks to drive high-quality traffic to your website.
  • Improve your search ranks by increasing the popularity of your links. Furthermore, social media pages appear at the top of Google’s quickest SMO, allowing you to connect with your customers. It is great for pushing up sales because you can reach out to a lot of people you wouldn’t have thought about before.
  • Increased chances of generating higher returns on your investment
  • Clients and business partners are available on social networking platforms.