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Digital marketing has become the backbone of any budding business to build a connection with the audience. To succeed in this world of competition, you only need a little digital push.

We are that push! Digi Lumos is one of the best and most reliable digital marketing companies in Ludhiana, Punjab, India that help businesses brand better. We are a new-age digital marketing company where meaningful digital experiences are built every day. Just give us your idea and watch us execute it in the best way possible to drive the audience.

We have a team of digital marketing experts and consultants in Ludhiana with Google digital marketing certifications to help you to grow your business’s online presence and boost ROI.

What’s more? You can painlessly scale up as your business needs evolve with time. In simple words, whether it is a search engine optimization that you need help with or you want to come up with a new digital marketing strategy, we can help you beyond your expectations.

Our Customers Reviews

Akash Shaama

Eastman Food

Digi Lumos Agency knows the business well and the art of reaching new levels of success. As a full-service best digital marketing agency, it worked on all stages of the project from start to finish, with a service package that delivers faster results at a reasonable price.

Gurkirat Dhillon

Dhillon Photography

Thanks to Digi Lumos we have reached a much more specific target audience according to our field, we have achieved more interaction and users on the web. The visual and interactive impact of the new website has also been enormous.

We have been working with Digi Lumos for the last several years for professional digital marketing purposes and website recommendations. We continually rank high for our keyword searches, sales are growing and we are happy to recommend them. All team are hard working


Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Fast connectivity and smartphone accessibility have made it possible for a budding business to reach its target audience with minimum investment. Our professional Search Engine Optimization services make this achievable by helping your website to align with Google’s guidelines.

Social Media
Marketing (SMM)

Digi Lumos offers social media marketing for all types of businesses and multi-location firms. If you want to build awareness for your brand across several online platforms and create meaningful connections with the audience, partner with us.

Social Media
Optimization (SMO)

Digi Lumos is one of the top social media optimization companies in the world. We have helped our clients in creating awareness about their products and services via different social platforms. Gain website traffic and create more sales opportunities with us.

Google Ads

We are a digital marketing agency that offers Google Ads & PPC services. Google Ads can boost your business’s revenue to the next level. Digi Lumos has a team of PPC experts in Ludhiana, who help you achieve your milestones in a short time.

Local SEO

We offer local SEO services geared to the needs of a business operating in its communities. Our digital marketing experts are skilled at directing local and relevant traffic to your website. Before beginning a campaign, our team conducts local research to learn about the local trends.

Content Writing

Digi Lumos is your place to be if you are looking for high-quality custom content writing services. Our team creates 100% unique and original content as per your requirement. Our services also include content marketing to attract and retain the target audience.

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We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana with a proven track record of excellence in our field

Many digital marketing Companies boast of accolades, yet few possess the substantive evidence to support such claims.

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Why choose us?

Now, that’s the answer you have been looking for all this while, right? When there are tons of digital marketing agencies in Ludhiana, why should you choose us and only us? So, to begin with, we work on proper understanding. Before we get into all these online marketing strategies, content marketing, and creating applauding web designs, we listen to you. It helps us understand each client’s goals. Only then do we make decisions. Another factor that makes us stand apart from the rest is that we quantify our success. Yes, that is an important step in our online marketing agency as it helps us to track what is working and what is not. This eliminates the risk of failing in our marketing efforts which in return is good for you. You can track traffic data anytime as it’s available online. Last but not least, your first preference should be Digi Lumos because we deliver on time. We understand that time is business money. Thus, we set realistic deadlines and always stick to them. Still looking for convincing reasons?

Drive Promising Results

It’s an obvious factor that if you are hiring us, you want to see results. Well, from our digital marketing strategy to successful marketing campaigns, we provide every service that can and has driven results for companies. The reviews from our happy clients that you came through earlier speak for our work. So, get in touch with our team to take your website traffic to another level.

Ethical and Honest Practice

We believe in integrity, honesty, and sincerity, and that reflects in our services. We are not here to trick and sell you services you don’t need. We don’t lie to get business. Our team of professionals will treat you with respect and kindness, and that is the way it should be. Also, our digital marketing services include only those successful marketing campaigns that your business or company requires.

Digital Marketing Analysts

We are fortunate to have worked with almost every type of business catering to various products and services. Our trust in our ability to handle any project smoothly has grown because of our successes in these industries. Our skills of effectively completing tasks will undoubtedly help you grow your online business. Our digital marketing analysts analyze deeply and implement perfectly to generate great results.


Digi Lumos knows the value of money and time. That is why we provide services that are result-oriented and offer perfect savings to your business. We strive to drive quality results that power us to make a track record of success. Whether you build a new bond with us or work for a long, we provide full consultation and pay attention to all your queries. Our marketing services are geared up with all the tools and social channels that are essential and efficient to scale up your brand. Connect with us to discuss more on it.

Of course, when investing in a service, you would likely want to know how it can reap your benefits. Digital marketing helps to grow a business in lots of different ways. Understand it like this, running a business is like running a marathon. The owner needs to have the endurance to risks and failures and take things one step ahead simultaneously. Managing all this on your own can get challenging at times. That’s when hiring a digital marketing company like Digi Lumos can be helpful. At this point, you probably are already aware that marketing is an important factor in determining our growth and ideal marketing includes different practices. Well, a digital marketing service provider looks after all the digital marketing strategies, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.

Digi Lumos is a marketing agency that offers digital marketing services to small- and large-scale businesses and companies. Our marketing service is geared toward apps, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that the audience is capable of connecting. Our primary goal is to create leads on channels such as social media, search engines, email, apps, and business websites. Hence, our practices drive the desired results by reaching out to the targeted audience. Any type of digital marketing service you are looking for, Digi Lumos is your place to be.

Do you wish to know what our digital marketing agency is good at? We have an array of digital marketing experts who consult with businesses to come up with effective marketing strategies.
Some of our best services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Local SEO

We have shown promising results for various businesses in the past. Our team of professionals manages all these services. If you are new to digital marketing, you don’t need to bang your head with the terms. Get in touch with our team to know what we can do for you and your business.

Well, definitely, yes! It’s not rocket science to understand that you need to set a target audience and reach out to them when branding your products and services; it’s the only way to make awareness of your brand. Only then can you hope for growth and success. To spread the word, you need strong marketing tactics. We are not saying you need to replace traditional marketing tricks, but it’s the coming year. If the word digital is not attached to marketing strategies, your business is losing a lot of potential audiences. Yes, it’s as simple as that. With the help of ideal web design and internet marketing, a marketing agency can increase website traffic in no time.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a practice of using off-page and on-page tactics and tweaks to improve the page ranking on search engines. In simple words, it’s the process of improving the visibility of a site when people search for products and services related to your business.

Yes, it’s more effective Because social media has become trendy, assuming that focusing your digital marketing strategies only on social platforms is not right. There are more active email accounts than any other social media account on this planet. Email marketing is private, and the audience perceives it as more personal. Maximum customers are connected to their email constantly, checking it several times a day and receiving notifications on their smartphones and laptops.

The right use of digital channels following smart campaigns boosts the brand and gives exposure to products or services. The presence on open internet platforms is a path to building a good relationship with the consumers. It offers a vast outreach to brands and productive results for the louder business goals. However, If you decide to invest in digital marketing, you will welcome enormous opportunities to level up your business across the internet.

The selection of a digital marketing platform usually depends on the goals you consider and your budget for it. Based on the above details, we use our proficiency and skillset to push it towards success. However, Google Ads campaigns can be a reliable tool to analyze digital marketing returns along with content marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization/marketing, and Pay-per-click. 

As a prominent digital marketing company, we have worked with numerous business industries, including lifestyle, health, technology, manufacturing, eCommerce, etc. Our professional team leaves no stone unturned to bring good returns on investment, making result-driven SEO strategies and user-friendly content. So, yes, of course, we can manage your brand’s online presence.

Give us a bit of detail on your project and let us help!

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