E-Commerce SEO services

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eCommerce SEO services

There are different mediums to gain maximum traffic, including eCommerce SEO. To perform well in the search engine ranking race, companies must implement effective overall strategies for their e-commerce site. 

This includes conducting the necessary research to determine organic and long-term keywords that consumers can search for the products on your e-commerce site.

Digi Lumos ensures a well-designed, SEO-friendly e-commerce website with a beautiful user experience. It will help in gaining a good ranking under eCommerce SEO. One of Digi Lumo’s expertise is to offer result-oriented eCommerce SEO services.

It is the most difficult and lucrative market segment in internet marketing and demands specialized knowledge from SEO experts and Google Ads experts.

ecommerce seo

Hiring SEO experts having e-commerce experience for websites to rank well is a wise choice. Businesses must actively interact with their clients on social media and other online platforms to succeed with eCommerce. Having a user-friendly approach toward e-commerce customers will help in receiving a share of their experiences online. Besides, businesses must also offer the greatest customer service possible.

Our eCommerce SEO specialists offer research-based services to help business owners gain an advantage in the e-commerce sector. We know that e-commerce involves more than just putting your things up for sale online. Creating an e-commerce business requires appropriate strategies and the right concepts.

Digi Lumos knows what it takes to build a successful organic SEO campaign. Under our eCommerce SEO experts, we offer regular reports and statistics of your site, such as rankings, sessions, new users, and other metrics.

eCommerce SEO Experts

Implementing the industry’s best practices to increase the site visibility with the help of search engine results & right eCommerce   SEO. Our eCommerce SEO services will help improve the overall conversion rate and traffic inflow.

Using Search Engine Optimization Effectively

SEO Results depend on the user experience and how good the website is in terms of content and technical aspects. Some of them are-

  • How fast is your website in terms of content loading?
  • Is your website compatible with devices like laptops, mobile, tablets, etc.?
  • How good is the navigation of your website?
  • How long do the users stay on your website?

For an e-commerce website, it is important to write understandable content about the product and service to reach the target crowd. A well-designed website blended with SEO strategies will generate more leads and conversions for your business. We at Digi Lumos assist our clients in creating and optimizing user- and SEO-friendly websites. Our SEO experts offer advice and work to enhance the website’s functionality so that your website reaches Google’s first page using commercially relevant keywords.

We have helped various eCommerce businesses grow their online sales and increase website traffic by over 500% within a short period.

What Our Custom eCommerce SEO includes?

Keyword Identification

We’ll figure out how you should describe your e-commerce store to rank in searches by using keyword research tools. We ask consumers about their products, their plans, and the ideology behind online marketing. Many times, keywords are related to your store’s main concept or products. So, for example, you can target keywords with an emphasis on eco-friendly pet items.

Keyword Implementation

Once the optimization is done, the next is implementation. This is one of the major tasks in E-Commerce SEO. We put SEO keywords on different pages of your site, including the homepage, page titles, meta descriptions, images, alt text, etc.


Product Page Optimization

It isn’t easy to think of anything more crucial to optimize for eCommerce companies than product pages. Product pages are equally important parts of a website & they usually appear in search results for exceedingly specialized search terms, commonly referred to as “long-tail keywords.” We’ll ensure that each page of your website has a title and description that explains the product so that your website ranks on the search engine.

How Digi Lumos, as a Leading eCommerce SEO Agency can, help you?

eCommerce SEO Experts

Better Exposure

Since many traditional retail stores are shifting their base from offline to online, you need to be a step ahead to get better exposure. Top eCommerce giants like IKEA, Walmart, Walgreen Boots, and others already have a strong online and offline customer base. To match up with the market exposure, our experienced eCommerce SEO experts bring in new ideas and optimization techniques for better exposure.

Complete Transparency

We know this is your business, and we believe in working together transparently. We inform our customers about every step of the optimization process. We have a transparent pricing policy with no additional fees that will be disclosed later.

Customized Plan

There is no such thing as a single approach to SEO. Each project has its own unique set of problems and advantages. We identify the primary issue, evaluate the possibilities, review the available resources, and develop a strategy to help visitors find your website.

We are the First and Last eCommerce SEO services you need

It is quite surprising to know the amount of time and dedication online retailers invest in an SEO strategy to get the best result. The search engine is still one of the simplest methods to create an online presence of the product or service, despite platforms like social media flooding with tools and exposure. 

A well-designed eCommerce SEO strategy can assist businesses in locating prospective leads that result in increased sales and profits. We at Digi Lumos use content marketing, web design, SEO, and other methods, to ensure your online store receives the desired result.


We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency..and can back that up

Many digital marketers claim to have won awards, but few can back it up.


Businesses across different industries can benefit from SEO in several ways, thanks to the tools and strategies implemented. By implementing the right SEO campaign and using a tool like Google search console, you can reach more qualified leads that will turn into customers. 

These customers will most likely purchase your goods, increasing your company’s sales and revenue. By making your website keyword-optimized for this particular group of consumers, SEO enables you to attract their business. Some more perks of SEO are-

  • Helps you connect with High-Value Shoppers

Organic search is vital for eCommerce, especially when content marketing, link building, and proper marketing strategies are implemented. You have little to no chance of appearing in searches for keywords with strong purchase intent if your website isn’t optimized for these key phrases. Instead, your rivals do, and they are glad to take on your clients.

  • Helps in Optimizing the Entire Product Line

Even if you give customers a limited variety to operate an online store, it is important that your target market can locate your products while searching online. Each of your products is optimized with our eCommerce   SEO services using the right tools and strategies.

If your business relied on conventional marketing, you would have to limit your product marketing to one or two unless you had a significant budget. Even if you market your best-selling items, you can’t be sure you will get in front of your intended market.

  • Helps to Improve Online Visibility

The goal of eCommerce   SEO is to increase your website’s visibility to search engines. eCommerce   SEO makes it simpler for customers to find your website by enhancing visibility. Your website now appears on page one of search results rather than page two. As a result, you may optimize your website to reach your most qualified customers with eCommerce   SEO services.

E-commerce SEO increases the visibility of your website on search engines. In other words, it is a free method to increase traffic. You want your page to rank as high as it can since a page with a good ranking will get more traffic.

You must ensure your website is optimized for your web pages to appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO optimization is greatly influenced by the keywords you choose, the technical setup of your webshop, and whether or not your online store is mobile-friendly. There are 4 different areas to consider when it comes to SEO eCommerce  –

  • Content

Under content, it is important to optimize your URL, H1 header, Meta description, and Meta title as per the search terms you want to appear for.

  • Technical Framework

Improve your web store’s technical aspects, such as HTTPS, mobile friendliness, page speed, XML sitemaps (which serve as Google’s index), etc.

  • User Experience

Google uses user data to decide which websites will rank and in what order on its search engine. It includes factors like load time, bounce rate, time spent on a page, and conversion rate. They ultimately want to know if users can find what they’re looking for.

  • Link Building

Link building is an important aspect of SEO eCommerce. You must consider the internal and external links when it comes to link building on your website. Other websites that connect to you for authority should also be monitored. You can enhance your visibility and brand reputation by choosing the right sources and referring sources to/from another organization.

Different strategies are implemented, including email marketing, technical SEO, and marketing, to gain website traffic and increase your eCommerce sales. The ultimate aim is to gain a good return on investment. Some of the top strategies involved in eCommerce   SEO are-

  • Right Keyword Research

To identify relevant products, your online customers will use search engines to find keywords. For instance, a person may type in “bathroom tiles décor” if they were looking for bathroom tiles.

Your keyword usage affects how customers see your products. Keywords determine the relevance of your page in search results by search engines like Google. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick the appropriate keywords for your product pages to show up in relevant search results.

Start your keyword research for e-commerce by looking up your product categories to see what other keywords you use. Then, to identify pertinent terms, you should utilize keyword research tools.

  • Creating User and Product Friendly Content

Your content marketing plan for eCommerce should begin once you’ve chosen the main keyword and a few related keywords. Then, there is a high chance that your website will rank top of different search results and attract more relevant traffic to your page by adding content.

You must come up with subjects before you can begin to create content. To help you increase relevant traffic to your page, stick to topics pertinent to your sector. Then, you can locate pertinent keywords to use in your text. Some of the things to consider when creating content-

  • Putting the Right Keywords

Include your targeted keywords while creating the website content to help your viewers understand what they are looking at. Be careful not to overuse, but include them organically. Having organic results will certainly help you.

  • Connecting with the Search Intent:

When creating material, make sure it reflects the query. For example, use your search terms to find out what other businesses have to say about a subject. It will help create content material that better reflects the searcher’s goal so you can appear in the search results.

  • Formatting as per website:

Informal writing works widely and reaches the target audience. Moreover, it does so in a straightforward manner. To make your material more approachable, try to avoid using too much technical and business jargon.

  • Craft Effective Meta Description

Meta descriptions are those which you see under title tags. They provide a summary (of about 160 characters), allowing customers to know what they can expect on the website. Meta descriptions are important in enlightening customers about your page and encouraging them to click on your link. As a result, your online store will receive more visitors after reading the right Meta descriptions.

The main aim of on-page SEO eCommerce is to drive traffic. Different factors can affect the ranking-

  • Keyword 

You likely won’t have keyword information for the terms you chose unless you utilize a service keyword-researching tool. To choose which keywords to utilize, you must consider search volume and buyer intent.

You can acquire an approximate estimate of search volume and CPC using Google Keyword Planner to ascertain buyer intent. However, it does not provide spread or keyword difficulty (KD).

  • Using Amazon for Keyword Research

Regarding keyword research, Amazon Keyword Tool is a gold mine for high buyer intent keywords. Amazon keyword tool automatically scrapes Amazon’s auto-fill choices. Check all the keywords off as you search, add them to your list, and then use the “Get Selected Keywords” button to download that list as a CSV file.

  • Using Competitor Research

You can compare the competitor’s websites if they are on the first page of search results to get keyword suggestions. Enter your keyword into Google first, select a rival and look through their category and product pages for potential keywords. This is the most effective strategy used by SEO agencies for eCommerce websites. However, there are other things to consider, such as domain authority, before using the same keyword used by your rivals.

  • Technical SEO Clean UP and Website Architecture

Keywords aren’t the only aspect to consider when it comes to the eCommerce   SEO process; technical SEO is concerned with the minute particulars of a website. Then there is the eCommerce site architecture that determines the assortment of navigation, category pages, and product pages. In essence, it’s about minimizing the number of clicks required for potential buyers to locate the greatest, most relevant content.