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Innovative solutions for your eCommerce website enable the establishment of great, reliable, and scalable online stores that can withstand the test of time. We guarantee you success in your venture!

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 eCommerce Website Design ServicesThere has been a spike of over and around 23% every year in the eCommerce sector. However, many businesses do not own a custom eCommerce website. These brick-and-mortar-based businesses are losing customers to their competitors along with the market share. Most eCommerce organizations overlook a major potential to acquire a competitive advantage by not researching.

For the building of your eCommerce website, we pledge to use the most latest and cutting-edge innovations. In addition, we offer our customers ongoing assistance and upkeep so that we can consistently deliver high-quality service. 

A powerful eCommerce website serves as the cornerstone of an online retail business. Our services for eCommerce web design offer the highest possible level of efficiency as well as a standard set of features. Besides this, we make an effort to maintain our flexibility to meet the requirements of each individual customer. By collecting data from a variety of sources and integrating it with ERP systems, we are able to develop a completely bespoke solution for your company. 

ECommerce Web Design Services

At Digi Lumos, you can get the best support from our web developers, which includes:

Receive outstanding eCommerce web design solutions for order administration and shopping carts that ensure a wonderful customer experience and complete delight for customers.

Encryption and strong security procedures offer complete protection throughout the account creation, transactional activity, and browsing on our eCommerce website solutions.

An online store must execute routine maintenance and stay current with software updates to ensure optimal functionality. Innovative services for small and large eCommerce companies are part of our eCommerce website development services.

As the digital landscape changes rapidly, mobility solutions are becoming increasingly important for businesses to succeed. If you’re looking for an eCommerce website development company, we can help.

Digi Lumos is aware of how crucial it is to use the most recent technological advancements to maximize profits from an online retail business. We also help inventory management and create the best eCommerce web design for your business. Since we have years of experience in the eCommerce industry, in addition to the website design services we offer for your dream eCommerce store, we are undoubtedly the best option for your venture.

Our Customers review

Tommy Hilfiger

Manager Owen Brothers Caters

It was a pleasure working with Harry and the team at Digi Lumos. I recommend them to friends and associates all the time. They are very professional and responsive

Mandy Sheffield

Coo - Greek company

I definitely recommend working with Harry. The team's efficiency and creativity made the entire experience stress-free and easy for me. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Gary Gilmour

CEO BEW Aggrotech

I’m on their monthly program which is working out very nicely for me. The cost is very affordable, and they are doing a number of things for my business.

Our Efficient & Reliable eCommerce Web Design Services

eCommerce Design strategy

You might be wondering how to get your company into the realm of eCommerce. Our e-commerce services include both strategy and consulting. These approaches can help you develop and implement a custom web design solution for your company. It takes an experienced group of business strategists and software engineers to develop a winning strategy for your business venture, and we have it all here.

eCommerce Web

Our goal is to make online stores faster, more dependable, safer, and scalable through our eCommerce web design solutions. We possess extensive experience designing e-commerce websites as per industry trends and customer expectations. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, we can help. Our team of software engineers, web designers, and testers has helped many businesses reach their online goals. No matter how big or small your online retail operation is, our eCommerce website development services can certainly support you!

Custom eCommerce Design

By combining elements of innovation, imagination, conversions, and information, our company’s skilled UI/UX designers produce works of art that make it possible for customers to have the greatest possible experience with the user interface. These masterpieces may set your online store apart from other similar businesses. Our custom eCommerce web design can help by creating amazing new ideas resulting from our services. Beginning with early consultation and brainstorming, along with the development and implementation, every aspect of your project will be handled with professionalism and innovation at our eCommerce web design company.

Our Company's Approach To Your Growth


Ecommerce Website Development

Are you looking to start an online store for your brick-and-mortar business? If so, we can help. Digi Lumos provides you with the ideal opportunity to broaden your consumer base and grow your share of the market at the same time. With the help of our eCommerce web design services, you will have the ability to reach out to the vast online consumer base, increasing sales.

We can assist your growth in the digital domain regardless of whether you are a new firm still developing or an established business. There are two primary factors that contribute to our reputation as a trustworthy business partner. The first is that we have a team with extensive experience in eCommerce. The second is that they stay thoroughly updated with respect to the most recent development platforms. Our digital marketers at Digi Lumos work in a below-mentioned way:

  • Our eCommerce web design services begin with a SWOT analysis and data-driven research.
  • We obtain information about the right target audience and what can help us get brand recognition for you.
  • Before it is offered to customers, your particular product is thoroughly tested for defects, quality, and other key characteristics.
  • After development, our services remain online to provide monitoring, optimization, and maintenance.

Digi Lumos: Helps You Succeed With eCommerce Solutions


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You won’t be able to communicate with the same demographic on the internet if you only have a physical storefront, but if you have an eCommerce website, you can connect with people worldwide.

We will do our best to determine the difficulties you face and plan ways to overcome them by developing an innovative e-commerce platform.

Our professional design services don’t only result in the production of a website; rather, we provide an all-encompassing adventure for your clients while also assisting you in accomplishing your unique marketing objectives.

Working together, we develop an innovative design strategy that is easy to use for your customers while also being bold enough to get their attention. Digi Lumos is the company that makes the difference in your eCommerce website design process. Our goal is to provide a rich user experience that is also simple to navigate. As a result, we’ve created intuitive menus and navigation that’s quick and easy for users to get around the site.

Ready to work on thoughts and ideas for your eCommerce business? Make sure to get in touch with us today.


We’re an award winning Digital Marketing Agency… and can back that up.

A lot of digital marketers claim to have won awards, but few can actually back it up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our company is one of the leading providers of e-commerce development solutions in the region, and we already have various projects under our banner that have been completed. Because of this, we can give effective and satisfying solutions for all of the requirements for creating e-commerce websites, online auction platforms, and online marketplaces.

Yes, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) services to enterprises of different kinds, including those that operate eCommerce stores. However, the goal of our marketing efforts is not simply to attract a large number of tourists; rather, our campaigns are structured in the same manner as our website in that the primary emphasis is placed on results or sales. In addition, we can work toward the optimization of key eCommerce platforms.

If you want to sell your products, you need a website that’s both visually appealing and search engine friendly. People looking for products similar to yours can more quickly spot your website with our eCommerce Search Engine Optimization service, after which the sales funnel can do what it’s supposed to do. Our extensive experience in digital marketing has allowed us to devise a tactic that enables us to target some of the most competitive keywords successfully. We conduct in-depth research before formulating a strategy to target phrases that enhance conversions. Despite what was just stated, competitive keywords might not always be a game-changer for your bottom line. Even though SEO is a big component of the digital marketing space, we typically inform our clients that social media and advertising platforms are necessary to achieve short-and long-term goals. To put it another way, you shouldn’t solely concentrate on SEO, and it would be better to connect to the digital marketing experts.

We regret to be the ones to break it to you, but it does depend on the kind of website we’re developing and the features that need to be incorporated into it. We begin determining the cost of an eCommerce website by having an insight into your desired outcomes, aesthetic approach, business goals, and functionality requirements.

The amount of time needed to produce each of these varies, as does the level of effort involved in adding them to your website. Certain features may call for us to make certain modifications to our typical procedure for software development. However, we understand that enlisting the services of an eCommerce web design firm is a significant decision, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to do so. We offer a free consultation, which allows us to get to know you and your needs before providing you with a quotation or estimate. For more information about how we may help your business, please contact us.

When protecting customer data, you know how important it is to have a secure eCommerce website. Encryption using SSL, which is a technology for website security that is widely used, is utilised by our eCommerce developers. Before transmission or credit card processing, data is encrypted with SSL so that even if intercepted, the contents cannot be read.

In addition, we create websites in accordance with the requirements of the PCI compliance standards. But we advise that eCommerce vendors, especially small and medium-sized businesses, do not keep credit card information on their computers or databases. It is preferable to use different payment methods provided by a third party. This enables your site to take payments without you needing to be concerned about the liability of having to host sensitive information.

There is always a chance that your website may debut with some mistakes or defects, regardless of how well you examine it before doing so.

Therefore, the majority of people who own websites are concerned about the post-launch support that the website builders will provide. As a result, they would interrogate us by asking things like, “Do you provide any form of support?” or “What will happen if I run into any problems once I have launched my website?”

If any problems develop after the website goes live, we’ll be there to help you out for the next three months at Digi Lumos. You need not worry about anything, as we are always here to support you whenever needed.

Your e-commerce website, like any other important asset, requires routine maintenance to function at its best over the long term.

Those who have been running their websites for a long time are more aware of the need for website maintenance than those just starting. As a result, customers would come with inquiries such as, “Will you assist me in maintaining my website?” or “Can I look at any of the website maintenance plans that you offer?”

But, before we tell you anything, let us explain why website maintenance is crucial.

  • Keep your website’s plugins and theme up to date by performing regular upgrades.
  • Ensure that the information and products featured on your website are kept current.
  • To confirm that all of the forms, including the checkout and the registration, are functioning correctly.
  • To ensure that your customers have a positive experience using your e-commerce store across all browsers and mobile apps,

Digi Lumos offers upkeep and maintenance services for their websites for those of our customers who require it. You are also welcome to examine the many website maintenance packages we provide.

The amount of time necessary to produce standard websites is approximately one to two weeks. Developing a custom website takes a significant amount of time, which can’t be estimated until after the project has been discussed.

The three pillars of information security—confidentiality, authenticity, and availability—should be front and center in the minds of those who own websites that engage in online commerce. The owners of businesses should develop a sound plan that can contribute to the increased safety of both the website and the transactions that take place there. Encryption measures should be used for all data exchanges to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.

Since many of our customers offer physical goods through their online stores, providing shipping facilities is equally as essential as the addition of payment systems. On the other hand, if your shop primarily deals in digital downloads that can be instantly downloaded, this may not be an issue. Websites for eCommerce stores must have the means to compute shipping and handling costs when selling physical products automatically. In addition to this, you have the option of providing customers with a flat amount for delivery, or you can choose to ship the items at no cost. We are confident that you can incorporate this feature into your eCommerce site, be it whatever your shipping preferences are.

Because we offer development services, we can add features to virtually any website or e-commerce platform. However, it all relies on the platform you’re using for your online business and the degree of customization it provides. The vast majority of platforms provide a certain level of flexibility, which enables us to extend the functionality of our sites through the use of plugins. Although there may be restrictions to what may be achieved, it is critical to examine your needs regarding the eCommerce platform already in use.

Redesigning eCommerce platforms is one of our primary focuses, so the answer is yes, we do offer this service. The redesigned e-commerce website that our team of web designers creates for our clients considers any new priorities outlined by those clients. When redesigning a website, different things need to be taken into consideration. A few of these aspects are the goals that the rebuilt website is intended to achieve. After a thorough discussion with our staff, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the process of revamping your website. Redesigning an eCommerce website with a bad website performance or needs to be branded is one of your best decisions. 

Yes, we do provide our clients with website migration services. The process of transferring a website can be extremely stressful. It is not just  because of the effort and time that goes into them, but also because of the threats they pose to your SEO and your confidential info. Our web development specialists migrate websites in an SEO-friendly manner to ensure organic visibility and rankings. We provide a full range of migration services, such as:  
  • SEO migrations
  • Website migrations to new platforms
  • Domain name migrations

As a digital marketing agency, Digi Lumos comprises of professionals in all aspects of digital marketing and design, including website designing, Web Analytics, paid media, and ui. It is our belief that all of these categories work together in order to successfully migrate web sites. Website migrations are complex projects, and our team has performed hundreds of them without a mishap. Let us handle your next website migration to reduce stress and move your site smoothly.

Our team at DigLumos, the best web design company, strongly believes that a website should be able to be easily updated and administered by a wider group of people. We invest in the time and energy to ensure that your e-commerce website is simple to manage and operate without requiring any technological expertise.

We provide you with complete accessibility to the custom eCommerce website and, if necessary, training for you to manage it using the Content Management System. This access allows you to create new product pages, run campaigns, or send out newsletters. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of categories or products you could be selling online in contrast to other websites.

We modify the content management system following your particular requirements to make it far less difficult for you to operate the website. However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. In addition, our eCommerce services help in website maintenance on an ongoing basis for the efficient working of your online marketplace.

Below are some of the web technologies that we use at Digi Lumos to create an efficient eCommerce website for our clients:

If you’re running an online store, Shopify is a great option because it’s SEO-friendly and constantly expanding. In addition to a professional-looking storefront template, there are various add-ons, like responsive checkout. Another great benefit is that your consumers can use Bitcoins to pay for your products and services.

  • Magento:

For both B2B and B2C customers, Magento is the most popular and reliable e-commerce platform. It is so popular because there are so many extensions that allow it to work with third-party products and services.

  • WooCommerce

WooCommerce is great for hassle-free eCommerce website setups. Store owners can quickly and simply sell their products with this free e-commerce plugin that can be integrated with the WordPress platform. The WooCommerce plugin is believed to be used by a lot of online store owners to both sell and ship their products.

  • OpenCart

OpenCart is yet another well-known and extremely helpful open-source content management system (CMS) specifically designed for online shops. It has a lot of features, including a large number of plug-ins, good backhand use, and the ability to change CSS from the admin.