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What makes Digi Lumos stand apart from the rest

What makes Digi Lumos stand apart from the rest

Digi Lumos is a professional SEO company that stands apart from the rest due to its unique and innovative approach to SEO. Rather than relying on outdated techniques that can quickly become obsolete, Digi Lumos incorporates the latest trends and technologies into its SEO strategies, ensuring that its clients’ websites remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing online landscape.

We know you are too tired of going from one SEO company to the other, trying to shortlist the best one for your brand. Every agency claims to be the best, and that’s what makes the division even more challenging, right? We will not trap you in our sugar-coated talks and promises, just stating some factors that make our SEO services stand apart from the rest.

  • We are here to find solutions to your problems: In this modern world, owning a successful business definitely requires a strong web presence. Whether you own an eCommerce business or you cater to other services, more and more people turn online due to the availability of vast resources. While this wide range of resources can be a blessing for customers, it can be a challenge for brands to stand apart from the pack. We know that you are aware of what you want but unfamiliar with the correct ways to get it. That’s where our SEO services come in. We are a team of SEO specialists who help your website climb towards the first page of SERP. Thus, Digi Lumos is an SEO company that offers solutions to your problems and climbs the ladder to achieve the desired goals.

SEO Services - Digi Lumos

  • Your goal is our priority: Any SEO agency ought to bring a lot to the table, but you are still the expert in your industry. A professional SEO service exists only to meet your business needs. We strongly stick by this fact. Thus, meet SEO specialists who formulate customized SEO strategies that enhance your keyword research results. We believe in your ideas and keep your vision our priority. So, we start by carefully listening to your concerns and only then come up with recommendations to resolve the issues and finally lead the way to your goals and maximize your search results.
  • We prioritize transparency:  Another factor that makes our internet marketing services better than the rest is that we believe in transparency. Building a digital marketing strategy, running an SEO campaign, and channeling relevant organic traffic on a page all work better when there is transparency between the SEO provider and the client. We know how intimidating it can be for you to trust a firm that follows “hidden” strategies.  It shouldn’t be so; thus, we like to keep things transparent when it comes to discussing ON Page, OFF Page, Technical Issues, Content, and more.
  • Dedicated SEO team: We believe it is our responsibility to simplify the complex and, at times, complicated SEO tasks and competition analysis for our clients. One of the many ways we improve your experience at Digi Lumos is by providing a single point of contact to each client, so things stay clear. This way, you will learn more about Digi Lumos, and we’ll learn more about your organization and your special needs. Also, our SEO practices include custom SEO packages to look after the different needs of brands and businesses. Thus, we don’t need any fancy words to convince our clients; our result-oriented professional SEO services will speak for themselves.  Digi Lumos is the right place for you. We are currently serving several clients with our SEO strategies so that you can put your faith in us. To know more, you can get in touch with our experts. Oh! And don’t forget to check the amazing reviews of our happy customers; this will help you know us better.

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Our result-oriented services

Local SEO

‘Start Locally, Think Globally’ is the key to a new business’s success. As a result, we assist local businesses in becoming local brands by increasing their reach, sales, and reputation. With professional Local SEO services.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on easier and faster crawling and making an easy-to-understand web design, resulting in a higher website rating and increased visitors. With technical SEO provided by SEO experts at Digi Lumos, you can build a strong foundation for your company. 

On-page SEO

Opposite to off-page SEO, we also offer On-page SEO to optimize the pages on your website to improve user experience. Our on-page SEO tactics include image optimization, headlines, content optimization, metadata, structured data, etc. Our SEO tactics are aligned with the leading search engines to attract qualified leads.


At Digi Lumos, you get a power pack OFF page successful SEO strategy that simply leads to generating ratings and relevant traffic that helps in boosting your website’s ranking and overall credibility. Well, that’s the whole purpose of hiring an SEO agency, right? 

Link building

Data-driven link-building services can help your company generate more leads and revenue. You can outrank your competitors, increase your website authority, and put your brand at the top of search engine results when you have an award-winning link-building services company as your partner. 

Keyword research

Other than focusing on the SEO ranking factors, it is very important for SEO marketing services to understand the niche of a business online. The best part of joining hands with Digi Lumos is that our SEO professionals will carefully conduct relevant keyword research and make appropriate strategies. 

Shopify SEO

If you are eager to see your business thrive in the respective industry, hiring a Shopify SEO agency like Digi Lumos can bring exceptional results for your online business. The Shopify SEO experts at Digi Lumos can optimize your Shopify site for Google, creating a great impact on e-commerce sales.

Franchise SEO

Running franchises in different locations is one thing, but making them all rank well can be tough. Say bye-bye to troubles because Digi Lumos offers Franchise SEO to make your multiple businesses rank on Google.

Ecommerce SEO

If you are willing to try your hand in the e-commerce sector, we have custom SEO packages that specialize in e-commerce SEO projects. We’ll help you with both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Amazon SEO

Want your brand to stand out on Amazon? Digi Lumos is your place to be! Our result-oriented Amazon SEO makes you be found by thousands of clients that you wish to target. We will not only optimize your product listing but also maximize the placement of your ads to promote your products and services.

Content writing

We understand how important appropriate content creation and implication can be for social media marketing to work in your favor. Thus, our team of creative writers is passionate about writing SEO-friendly content for our clients.

Conversion rate optimization

Consider us as your definitive partner to begin with the conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your website. We know it’s an important strategy to increase the percentage of conversion from your site. Our team will generate ideas to convert visitors into customers.

An ultra-modern approach to the SEO services

Professional SEO Services“Let us take up the challenge and become my own SEO master,” well, this thought might enter your head when you start a business and might even make you skip the professional SEO services. It might work for some, while it might fail for others. That is why it is advisable to hire an SEO Company that not only ensures results but also can connect with your goals and visions from the start. It is going to help you stay on track while you run to compete with the endless formalities of online business. When an SEO company is completely transparent with you, only then do they come up with SEO strategies that prove beneficial for your site. We understand that running a business is anything but easy. It can give you a tough time! Some sour points include :

  • Your website is lost in online chaos.
  • You are new to online business and want to increase your visibility as quickly as possible.
  • Our website traffic has vanished rapidly, and you are still trying to figure out why.
  • Your incoming calls are on the decline, and so have your leads.
  • You cannot connect with the targeted audience.
  • You want SEO optimization but on budget.

If any of the above pain points caught your eye and you want to work on them, we are here for you. Digi Lumos is the best SEO company that has helped many clients make it big in the industry. It’s all about keeping your SEO game strong, and that’s what we master. Working on your pain points, we create custom SEO packages that cover the needs of different businesses. We have helped hundreds of clients to come back from the lost world and make it big online. Our competitive analysis and effective SEO services make you visible to the targeted audience. With the best up-to-date optimization tactics, we help businesses survive and grow online in this ever-changing online world also, if you have recently started an online business and have no idea how SEO works and what it will do for you, leave the task to experts.

Get premium SEO services to rank #1

SEO Agency - Digi Lumos

Does the visitor on your page do exactly what you want them to do? Well, the success of a page is determined by this question. Get your pages optimized by Digi Lumos to proudly answer it with a “yes!” Take a sigh of relief as you have finally found SEO professionals who can boost your organic visibility and increase web traffic for your pages with premium packages at very reasonable prices. Helping you rank your pages on major search engines and making your products and services shine bright in the search results is what Digi Lumos is best at.  So, call us to get in touch with our SEO team that coordinates with you to help you reach your goals.

We assure you to we will increase your visibility in no time. If a low budget is your problem, then there is no problem. Your business growth can be managed on a budget if you stick with only affordable SEO services like Digi Lumos. Since SEO services include lots of steps and planning, we can curate a special SEO package per your requirement and, of course, your budget. Simply put, if your goal is to go big in little time and make your business or brand a big deal for people, based on organic traffic. Digi Lumos is the right place for you. We are currently serving several clients with our SEO tools and strategies so that you can put your faith in us. To know more, you can get in touch with our experts. Oh! And don’t forget to check the amazing reviews of our happy customers; this will help you know us better.


We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency… and can back that up.

A lot of digital marketers claim to have won awards, but few can back it up.


Of course, you have a wide range of options open for you; why would you choose Digi Lumos? Well, there is not one, not two but several reasons why we can be your best SEO services partner. Our company provides remarkable SEO services aided by the most effective SEO optimizing techniques. This increases your organic search traffic and search engine rankings for relevant keywords. Additionally, Our content specialists write easy and compelling content that generates visitors to your website.

The base of any successful marketing strategy plan is a smart search engine optimization service, but selecting the right SEO agency can be challenging. Allow our team of professionals to simplify it for you by creating a successful SEO strategy tailored to your objectives and budget. Yes, you read that right; despite being an affordable SEO agency, you can still get a package per your budget. Wait! Another reason to choose Digi Lumos is its dedicated SEO team that believes in maintaining transparency. We don’t believe in playing hide and seek with our clients; whatever it is, it is on the table. We discuss your goals, vision, strategies, and solutions to deal with your issues and only then start implementing them. 

Getting a spot on the first page of any search engine isn’t a five-finger task. Your understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as your dedication and commitment to your work, are extremely important. SEO, without a doubt, broadens your digital horizons by increasing your virtual presence and organic search traffic. To stay within the five billion daily searches, you should concentrate on the following SEO ranking factors:

Secure and accessible website

A website is a digital representation of a company’s mission and commercial goals. A secure and accessible website will complete half of your work on improving your SEO position. For search engines like Google, the crawler checks the URL and content of websites to determine the relevance of the material.

Technical SEO

One part of optimizing material for higher search engine rankings is getting the code right. This can be scary, particularly if you’re a writer rather than a “techie.” basically, technical SEO refers t the server and page optimization that makes search engine spiders crawl and index your pages efficiently by raising the organic ranking.

The right SEO firm understands how to benefit your organization. They might be experts in web development and coding and have to be experts in marketing strategy. These are just a few of the most important elements when looking for the appropriate companion. You can also consider the marketing firm’s experience in the industry.

Don’t mistake hiring a fly-by-night SEO agency, as it will only risk your brand’s reputation. Go for a reputable, experienced SEO company that can aid you in getting the sales that your brand deserves. It’s not always about the experience; although some new firms can also bring great results, to be sure in that case, you can check the customer reviews and client feedback of these firms. Also, It must be aware of all the important SEO tactics and appropriate knowledge of different methods that can be used for ranking pages.

SEO can be simple as well as tricky, depending upon your knowledge. Some brands and businesses choose to do it by themselves, while others leave the task to SEO specialists as they best know about this practice. Well, to be honest, managing your SEO can be challenging. First of all, you would have to research a lot in order to gain knowledge about SEO, web development, content management, etc., and even refresh it from time to time as Google algorithm is ever-changing. Also, It takes a lot of time, and even then, one can fail, and you might not get desired results. Instead of getting a headache, you can leave the task to the experts. Letting an SEO agency do the task covers all these aspects. You can focus on your products and services while SEO specialists make sure your ideas reach the appropriate audience. Other reasons why you need a specialist are:

  • BRAND BUILDING WITH SEO EXPERTS: Earning a top spot on Google’s coveted first search page may boost client confidence in your company. Your digital marketing firm can help you choose keywords and write content that reflects the image you want to project to potential customers.
  • SEO SERVICES SUPPORT OTHER MARKETING METHODS: Businesses that combined SEO optimization and content marketing saw a 50 percent increase in website traffic. By combining your present marketing methods with the best SEO practices, you may develop a solid marketing strategy. That’s what SEO companies do for you.

Well, our accomplishments are the first reason why you should trust us. We have a huge family of satisfied clients that gave us a chance when we were budding and now have seen results in no time. Our tried and tested SEO practices have resulted in the making of success stories for clients.

The SEO cost differs depending upon the SEO services you want. Yes, the pricing of an SEO package depends on factors like projections for business growth, the amount of content expected, and the other range of services you need. To grab the best deal, you must have a fair idea of your expectation when you get quotes pricing from different agencies. 

Of course, it does! SEO is still one of the best services that can boost your business growth with just organic search results. Although it’s true that some of the SEO tactics that were proved to be effective in the past might have stopped working, then again, SEO is ever-evolving. Search engine optimization keeps reinventing, getting better to match user intent, leaving the ineffective strategies behind for better ones. 

If you are currently aiming to optimize your site for better search results, one important decision to make is whether you want to outsource SEO services or not. There are several benefits of hiring an SEO agency; some of them are mentioned below:

  • It saves time: SEO is a continuous process that requires a lot of research, upkeep, and optimization. With an agency handling time-intensive strategies, you save time.
  • Save your money: It requires a significant investment to build an in-house team of SEO professionals. The benefit of hiring an SEO agency is that you can access resources at a lower cost.
  • Hold industry expertise: With the right SEO agency by your side, you get a collection of diverse expertise, which includes a professional team of web developers, SEO executives, and content writers prepared to handle specific situations.

SEO promises a lot of growth for any business; however, it does not always take forever to see results.

  • For instance, if it has been around six months or more optimizing your site and still have seen any measurable results on your SEO strategies, it is one of the few clear signs that you should consider hiring an SEO expert.
  • Another sign that you should hire an agency to look after your optimization is when you don’t know how to make strategies.
  • When you have a tight budget and cannot invest heavily in building your own SEO team, take it as a sign.