Ecommerce Marketing

Push your eCommerce web traffic and sales with our strategic eCommerce marketing services. We guarantee higher conversion and long-term investment results.

Ecommerce Marketing Services for Long-Term Revenue Growth


Ecommerce Marketing Services

(When it comes to online purchases, buyers prefer researching the website’s reputation and the value it will offer to your purchase. This also means that an eCommerce website on the top search result will make it to customers’ purchase links. However, to increase the conversion rates and satisfy your target audience, it is best to use the eCommerce online marketing technique. We at Digi Lumos, one of the leading eCommerce marketing services, use effective strategies to help find out buyers and channel them to your website. We’ll develop performance standards and KPIs to get the work done smartly.

In this competitive eCommerce era, gaining sales and maximizing web traffic is challenging. However, with us, this is achievable! Digi Lumos, the top eCommerce marketing agency, provides a comprehensive marketing strategy vital for increasing conversions.)

eCommerce digital marketing

(Following a Well-Integrated Approach

Right from Search engine optimization (SEO), customer profiling, digital content marketing, email marketing, analytics, conversion rate optimization, and others are a part of eCommerce marketing strategies. However, to pitch your eCommerce business to a new level, you must invest in finely conceptualized online marketing strategies with different tools. 

At Digi Lumos, we examine your eCommerce store to see what is lacking and what needs to be done to get the desired result. Our ultimate goal of us is to give your online store a boost with better online sales and maximum traffic. 

Capturing Every Opportunity for Higher Result

In this online competitive business area, you need to be a step ahead. Strategic steps taken will give you the result you desire and build a quality online store. In other words, you need to establish the foundation for future expansion. To hasten the growth of your sales, you require the support of our eCommerce digital agency. We deliver outcomes for you using our result-driven methodology, opportunistic methods, and regular insights. We aim to maximize your investment for you.

Give No Room to Marketing Cliché

Every eCommerce brand is different in terms of service and product. As the leading eCommerce marketing consultant, Digi Lumos takes care of your online store to keep it different from competitors. Our marketing experts take steps ahead to coordinate all of our marketing initiatives and meet your goals. With this, you will be able to raise brand recognition, improve website traffic, boost sales, and increase revenue. 

We ensure your potential buyers get the best eCommerce experience, and our multi-channel online marketing strategies will persuade them to do the shopping. We start by producing content at the top of the funnel to draw in a larger audience. Then, we develop content that satisfies particular customer demands and nourishes them throughout their purchasing journey as visitors become more interested and begin returning to your eCommerce website. As the leading eCommerce online marketing company, Digi Lumos offers multiple services added with new strategies that would boost sales and organic traffic. For an eCommerce company, a good conversion rate and regular product sales are two of the most important aspects. However, proper examination of each page, optimization strategies, and other areas are really important.

Engage with a Dedicated Marketing Team

We at Digi Lumos help you to unlock the brand awareness that can reach out to the respective target audience. Moreover, our strategies will help boost the click-through- rate leading to a high conversion rate. We have a dedicated team of marketing that works closely with clients to give regular reports about steps taken and results of the same. .)

Get Access to our Multiple Ecommerce Online Marketing Services

 Ecommerce SEO

Using effective SEO strategies, we help your website be ready to get crawled by search engine bots and discovered by the online target audience. Having product pages that are optimized for search engines will please both your customers and search crawlers. We help your website reach the top of search results by using tried-and-true SEO strategies and trustworthy SEO tools for better results.

Ecommerce PPC

With effective Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising, your e-commerce business will witness a better push in marketing. We utilize all platforms, including Google Search, Display, and Product Catalogue Ads, to reach more people, generate high-quality leads, and increase sales. In addition, our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising experts help you grow your online store organically. The ultimate aim is to bring in more traffic.

Ecommerce Web Design

When it comes to an eCommerce website, the overall design matters the most. No target customer will stay for long if the site design doesn’t appeal and loads faster. Using effective web design tools and making it desktop/mobile friendly will help get your online store better traffic. Moreover, we work on designing the website to be mobile friendly for easy browsing and shopping.

Ecommerce Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of an eCommerce marketing campaign. Our content marketing team will produce content that would reach the target audience, inducing them to be your buyers. From email marketing to digital content platform content, we work in all areas of content marketing. We develop content that meets the need of product and target audience. An engaging content can turn the visitor into a potential customer.

Shopify SEO

To make your eCommerce page Shopify platform worth it, we work on Shopify SEO techniques. By using Shopify SEO, we help add products and articles, use the right images, and remove duplicate links and content. With the proper use of Shopify SEO, your eCommerce website can rank in the top search engine result.

Shopify Web Design

Building an accurate Shopify web design will boost your eCommerce store to a new level. We use trending and user-friendly Shopify web design templates that can match up with your products and services. In addition, our skilled professionals will customize the site as per the need. So if you want to your ecommerce store to be Shopify friendly, then connect with us.

Social Media Marketing

Being the leading eCommerce digital marketing agency, we work on effective use of social media marketing platforms. We start by utilizing Ecommerce Twitter trends, Ecommerce Facebook Ads, or Ecommerce Instagram Marketing, for better result. Using modern trends and platforms, you can attract your target audience and followers with aesthetically appealing formats rather than simply plain texts, videos, and Infographic.

Magento Web Design

Our team of skilled Magento developers works on building bespoke Magento store development services because we are aware of how dynamic the eCommerce business is. We collaborate on various levels to create exceptional business solutions that will assist our clients in dominating the market. We offer affordable extensions and themes based on your company’s demands. In addition, our team integrates third-party plugins into pre-configured Magento services.

Magento SEO

Since SEO is an integral part of eCommerce marketing and to increase your online sales, we engage in Magento SEO using our strong technical skills. We consider everything, right from structure to Meta description and indexing. Our team of Magento SEO experts will carry forward the league of quality service for pushing your web traffic.

Implementing Result Oriented eCommerce Marketing Service for Lifting your Business

ECommerce Marketing Service For Lifting Your Business

(As the leading eCommerce marketing company, we at Digi Lumos work under your budget and ensure every penny is worth a result. We put a lot of effort into increasing lead-to-customer conversion and sales. We combine social media marketing with SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies that will help in raising the sales and reach. We will do it for you as we have done it for thousands of eCommerce businesses.

Digi Lumos is the top eCommerce marketing consultant using the right marketing campaign through its trained marketers and certified PPC advertisers. To accelerate your growth and provide result-oriented service for your eCommerce site, our eCommerce digital marketing firm monitors every aspect of your campaigns while emphasizing paid traffic generation and conversion optimization. In addition, we collaborate closely to develop and carry out marketing strategies, allowing our clients to concentrate on building other parts of the business. 

Some reasons to connect with us are

Accelerate Real Growth- We don’t limit our service to social media post rankings and likes. We support initial conversions. We examine and improve consumer journeys to encourage them to shop at your online store.

Increase in the Conversation Rate– Irrespective of your business size, we help benefit our client-tailored eCommerce marketing strategy, high-velocity website optimization, and assistance in enhancing their value propositions and streamlining the forms and payment procedures.

We Aim for High Results– We constantly aim high, allowing us to achieve at least a 5x ROI, whether working with a start-up, small business, or established eCommerce firm. In addition, you will be able to personally verify our promise of consistent growth.

Fixed Charges- We charge the lowest fixed fees for all our eCommerce marketing services. Right from consultation to post-marketing examination, we have fixed charges.

Customized Solutions– As a part of our digital marketing and brand awareness program, we offer customized solutions for complete eCommerce online marketing.

Digi Lumo’s team of eCommerce marketing specialists excels at bringing your brand’s narrative to life through customized marketing methods. To scale up the brand story, online businesses can use our well-researched and result-oriented eCommerce marketing services to engage and activate their target customers.

We handle everything, from generating brand awareness to creating inventive concepts and conversion-driven campaigns. So, naturally, using KPI discovery and benchmarking the entire process, our team uses extensive experience to create genuine connections between businesses and customers.)

Hire Digi Lumos for your Next Ecommerce Digital Marketing Partner

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Partner

(We are skilled in every aspect of eCommerce. We are knowledgeable. We are experts in the art and science of promoting, marketing, and optimizing your online store. You provide as much information as possible about your operations and business objectives. We will also bring our knowledge of technology, marketing, and eCommerce revenue-generating technologies. Together, our team and you will develop a result-oriented plan to increase your online store’s market share, customer base, and overall growth.

We helped your brand connect with millions of new customers with a solid plan to execute it. Our team needs these things to maximize profits for your online store. We work on areas including Pay Per Click- PPC, content marketing, and other brand awareness platforms that can help increase long-term sales.

Digi Lumos is a client-friendly eCommerce marketing agency that engages itself in serving the best and keeps the business relationship for a long. As a marketing agency, we strive to help organizations expand quickly and sustainably by utilizing our highly skilled team’s expertise in the field. We are the perfect fit for companies of all sizes because to our close-knit team of marketing experts. We keep the stability of our business for a long and have a wealth of expertise, yet we are also quick and adaptable enough to keep things moving along at the proper speed. From healthcare to food & beverages and lifestyle, we have served with our eCommerce marketing services in the full-fledged method. Don’t miss to check the client reviews that push us to offer more for clients.)


We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency… and can back that up.

A lot of digital marketers claim to have won awards, but few can back it up.


Ecommerce marketing is the process of increasing public knowledge of and support for a company that offers its goods or services online. To draw customers and increase the overall online transactions, ecommerce marketers make the best use of social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns.

A comprehensive e-commerce marketing plan includes both on- and offline marketing techniques. You will be able to raise the brand awareness, also boost online sales, thanks to the solid marketing plan. Ecommerce marketing can be used to increase sales of particular products or to advertise your online store as a whole. 

There are different types of eCommerce marketing agencies work on. Some of these are-

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows you to build your own base, no matter how big or small your online store is. Ecommerce marketers can adopt the same tasks, but your campaigns may take on slightly different forms, and not all social media platforms will suit your needs.

Content Marketing

Whether it is your product or web content, content marketing is an essential part of eCommerce marketing. Content marketing involves creating strategic blog posts, product reviews, and guest posts for external websites. 

Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) fall under the category of search engine marketing (SEM). SEM can comprise pay-per-click (PPC) ads, display advertising, or product-specific ad campaign, allowing you to buy top spots on search engine page results pages.

For eCommerce company, search engine optimization is one of the most effective long-term tactics. Effective use of SEO can help in improving rankings, generating traffic, and raising brand and product recognition are the main goals of SEO. However, compared to other website kinds, optimizing an eCommerce website is very different. Moreover, an eCommerce marketing agency uses effective SEO tools that can optimize each product pages that will help in gaining better traffic.

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, there are certain requirements to make the process easy. Some of the major requirements are-

  • Customized payment systems
  • Mobile-friendly website 
  • Customizable Themes and Templates
  • Organized product display

There are different channels that can help in boosting revenue for your eCommerce marketing. From Social Media to SEO, every aspect of marketing matters. Paid advertising frequently generates the most revenue, but it works best when combined with other marketing strategies. Remember that a variety of elements, like your website’s quality, the attractiveness of the offer, the effectiveness of your sales funnel, and more, play a role in the success of sponsored media.

To build a leading eCommerce website, you need to work on creating features that will impress your customers. Some of these are-

User-Friendly Navigation-

Building a user-friendly navigation system can help to assist customers in finding the products they require quickly. It is important to divide products into groups, with the most well-liked groups being featured first.

Site Search-

Most of the top ecommerce sites include site search in addition to user-friendly navigation. This makes the site search process easy for users.

Product Videos-

Presenting product videos is the most effective ways of creating engagement with the target audience. Adding product videos will help audience to know more about the product.

Better Payment Gateways

Users wants hassle free payment gateways without taking much of their time. Offering multiple payment gateway options will help in gaining more customers in your online store.