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15 Reasons why you should opt for WordPress as your CMS

According to the statistics shared by W3Techs, the usage of WordPress Content Management Systems has increased from 13% in 2011 to 43% in 2022. Moreover, it is the most used content management system (CMS) than Shopify, Wix, and others. If you’re wondering why every online business owner uses WordPress CMS, there is certainly a solid reason behind this. Over the years, this popular CMS platform has helped many online business owners to earn good revenues and add to organic website traffic. One of the reasons why web owners and marketers prefer WordPress is due to the availability of free themes and easy-to-maintain tools. 

Since the arrival of WordPress CMS, web developers’ lives have become easier to build a site, irrespective of the domain. With WordPress CMS (Content Management System), building a site has become a task with a few clicks. It has simplified coding and brought comfort to web developers and designers. If you choose the right platform, you can access different functionalities that greatly simplify the procedure. 

This article presents you with reasons to use WordPress as your CMS, which can bring wonders to your online business. 

Why you should use WordPress CMS for your Online Business?

Names like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Wix, and Weebly may not sound similar to the ordinary business owner. These names are only heard when a new website is under construction because they are website-building platforms. While many websites on the internet built on these CMS options are used more frequently for specific goals, each has its advantages. 

For example, Shopify is best considered for building an online store. Magento is in a similar situation. The most adaptable website builders and platforms are usually the most widely used. WordPress CMS is certainly the best option, irrespective of the type of website you want to build. 

It is important to keep your website layout user-friendly and clutter-free. This will help in implementing search engine optimization and also make visitors stay on your site for a long. This is one of the many reasons why people prefer WordPress CMS over others.  Through this blog, we will be discussing many other reasons why you should opt for WordPress CMS for your website. Let’s have a look:

Its Free and Open Source to Use

One of the best things about this CMS is that the use of WordPress.com and WordPress.org is free. WordPress.org, the self-hosted version, gives you more control over your website and allows you to use cutting-edge plugins. 

Moving away from WordPress.com makes sense because it works fine for absolute novices but isn’t the greatest for a business that wants to generate money. Although there are good options, it is better to avoid using them for personal blogs. 

Downloading WordPress is free for everyone. Since 2003, it has been an open-source project. Most open-source platforms like WordPress CMS have wide communities and are free. Themes and plugins on WordPress are normally free but with limited features. Suppose you are looking for more superior features that can help your website in different ways. 

In that case, you can go for the premium (paid) ones offering exceptional features and high-quality support. 

Create Any Website

create any website

WordPress is frequently misunderstood as a platform for blogs only. That was the case at one point in the initial stage. WordPress was created as a blogging platform, but things have changed with the numerous updates over the years and wider usage.

WordPress has an advantage because of its blogging history. That’s all included from the beginning; the platform allows the fastest ways to write and publish blog entries. Some website creation solutions prioritize design and apps before considering the blogging interface.

With WordPress, that’s not the case. Therefore you may design a stunning e-commerce website knowing that the blog is an essential component of the development. Web developers use modern WordPress CMS tools to design and build platform sites. 

Supporting Multiple Media Types

WordPress CMS supports multiple media types, from images to videos and documents. Common file types like.jpg,.png,.gif,.pdf, pptx,.mp3,.m4a,.mp4, WMV, and.avi are easy to upload. Additionally, you won’t experience any issues with more uncommon file types like.odt,.key,.ogg, and.3gp. 

In other words, WordPress often allows you to post any media on your website, including images, videos, documents, and animated GIFs. Even hosting documents and presentations on a website without publishing them on a particular page is rather frequent.

Backed by a Huge Community

Everyone is welcome to use WordPress CMS because it is open-source software. CMS users of WordPress aren’t limited in pricing, premium customer support, or even expertise level has little bearing on the user base.  Yes, there is a lot to learn about WordPress, and one way to learn is by joining the WordPress community. 

Web owners can also check out view blogs, forums, online courses, webinars, and books describing various facets of the WordPress community. Then there is WordPress’s more official customer support. You have the option to work through the WordPress forums and also to pay extra for dedicated service. With so many sources available, users can use them to get the best return. 

Scale up your Business with More Themes and Plugins

WordPress CMS for businesses comes with multiple free themes and plugins to make the site run smoothly. It is easy to install a theme, adjust the design, and start a blog are typical steps. Moreover, WordPress plugins are additional benefits that can help in managing the site. 

These themes and plugins frequently act as the website’s framework. Apart from some color adjustments, logo updates, and the new pages and blog posts, the design work is minimal.

If your website has a cluttered design, it is best to use WordPress themes and plug-ins. Choose the suitable plug-in that fits your website. Most of the plug-ins are free to use with limited features. If you want more for your website, it is best to go for the paid version.

No Need for Technical Expertise

Often web owners avoid getting into the technical areas of the website due to a lack of knowledge. Fortunately, the WordPress CMS platform is easy to use, and you don’t need technical expertise for the same. The best part is you don’t have to physically monitor your WordPress site or blog. You can choose a reliable site host that can ensure your website is seamless to use and is operational.

Plug-ins or a managed WordPress hosting package can take care of security and site backups for WordPress websites.

Yoast SEO Plugin for your Rescue

SEO is a well-known feature of the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress creates title tags and meta descriptions on its own for all of your posts and pages. This informs search engines about your material and helps the website get indexed, increasing the results. Like everything else in WordPress, more sophisticated functions are available via plugins and online resources. 

Any WordPress website must also have the Yoast SEO plugin. WordPress’ built-in SEO tools are excellent, but Yoast elevates them. Using this CMS platform can help in optimizing your website on fine lines. 

100% Security Guaranteed

100% Security Guaranteed

WordPress frequently releases new security updates, so updating your version will put you ahead of the curve. If you want more security insight and to implement the right process for your WordPress CMS platform, consider hiring a web host. You can take numerous other actions to safeguard your website further, such as mandating strong passwords and putting Two-Factor Verification into place (2FA). However, if you use a platform that isn’t secure out of the box, all that work can be for nothing.

Best Blogging Platform

As mentioned above, WordPress was made as a blogging platform. Today, it is the most preferred CMS platform for the website. For hobbyists, Tumblr, Medium, and Blogger are all excellent choices, but WordPress is the platform for professionals who want to run blogs and websites together. The WordPress blog editor contains a fantastic variety of features.

You may operate a straightforward, one-author blog by utilizing the formatting and media features. 

Everyone is Using

As per one report, more than 42% of all websites today use WordPress. This CMS platform has proved to be perfect for websites that don’t require heavy configuration. The majority of seasoned WordPress users will complement ongoing updates and enhancements. Check out the WordPress community to see how many web owners are using WordPress CMS for online business purposes. 

Build Different Domain Options

Be it a news website or gaming site, WordPress CMS is perfect to match up with the domain requirement. The platform offers easy tools to use and helps maintain the website fully-fledged. For instance, if your company deals with real estate, you will need different plugins and tools to manage listings correctly. 

Using plug-ins and tools of WordPress CMS can help you manage your real estate site. Add a separate search section, payment gateway, and a few more options.

Ready to Use Platform

The best part of using WordPress CMS is you don’t have to wait for days to run your website. As soon as you install WordPress, you can use it. No setting is needed besides the personalization you offer your theme and the plug-ins that interest you. Most of the features you seek, including aligning with social media feeds, SEO, etc., are included with the installation.


WordPress CMS is versatile. WordPress is adaptable enough to meet all your website needs. you can build any type of website for personal or online business. 

Mobile Friendly

Today, every other website built is mobile-friendly. Since smartphones have increased, the demand for building a site on a mobile-friendly platform has increased. WordPress CMS is perfect for building mobile-friendly sites. 

Since most WordPress themes are responsive by default, you don’t need to completely redesign your website to make it viewable on tablets and smartphones. WordPress also offers the option to see webpages in “mobile view” for non-responsive themes.

Top Websites use the WordPress CMS Platform.

Top companies, including Mashable, Mozilla, Coca-Cola, Wall Street Journal, and others, run their platform on WordPress CMS. So, if you want your website to join the list, WordPress CMS is perfect.

Final Note

Globally, WordPress is quite user-friendly and has a quantitative network base. However, there are other SEO-friendly sites that can be helpful for your business in the short and long term.

 WordPress is the best option for bloggers, business owners, developers, and eCommerce web owners. If you are looking forward to get your online platform,, hire the right WordPress developer to use the CMS platform for building the site.